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If you are looking to buy a traditional IRISH BODHRÁN or TUNEABLE BODHRÁN, we have the greatest selection - all handcrafted & constructed to the highest of quality.




All of the bodhráns below are handmade by The Bodhrán Maker, Paraic McNeela.
Our bodhráns range in size from 14” to 18” and are available in both traditional and tunable forms.
We also specialise in Deep Rim Tuneable bodhráns, t
he 16" Deep Rim bodhrán also comes in a rich rosewood that looks good and sounds great.

Want to sell your Bodhrán? If you would like to sell your bodhrán and would like to display it on our website, please feel free to email us at info@irishmusik.com and you can also visit the thebodhranmaker.com by clicking here: Buy Bodhran

Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day), UK (3-5days), EUROPE (7days), USA & CANADA (7-10days).




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