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The Bodhrán Maker, Paraic McNeela, began making his handcrafted Irish drums in 1979 and has never looked back since. His desire to create the ultimate bodhrán means he is constantly developing and innovating and perfecting his craft. The results are impressive! So much so that Paraic can count U2, Christy Moore and Ronán Ó Snodaigh among his many fans and customers.

Ranging in size from 14” to 18”, McNeela bodhráns are available in both traditional and tuneable forms, with every Irish drum displaying an unrivalled attention to detail. Paraic specialises in Deep Rim Tuneable hand drums, including the stunning 16" Deep Rim Rosewood Bodhrán, and his latest limited edition the 14” Performance Bodhrán. Take a look around at our unbeatable selection of Irish drums and see which one catches your eye. Whether you're a total beginner or have been playing for fifty years, we have a bodhrán to meet your needs. Tunable bodhrans, non-tunable bodhrans, deep rim bodhrans, or traditional shallow rim bodhrans - Paraic is bound to have the perfect bodhrán for you.

A bodhrán is an Irish frame drum consisting of a circular wooden frame covered with a goatskin head on one side. It is played by striking the skin with a small wooden stick known as a bodhrán beater, tipper or cipín. The other side of the drum is open-ended allowing one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control pitch and timbre. This versatile musical instrument is the most popular Irish percussion instrument today and one of the most recognisable frame drums in the world.

Looking for some advice on which bodhrán to choose? Check out Paraic's expert guide: The Bodhrán Maker's Guide to Buying a Bodhrán.

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Paraic McNeela

18" Tunable Bodhran [SOLD OUT]


McNeela 18" Tuneable Bodhrán   Are you more of a purist? Prefer to play Irish music like they did back in the day with none of this fancy deep rim bodhrán business but with the modern convenience of tuning points? This 18”...

Paraic McNeela

The Celtic Ravens Bodhran [SOLD OUT]


 Celtic tradition associated the Raven with numerous figures including the goddess Morrigan, Bran the Blesses and the sun god Lugh. Throughout the Celtic regions the Raven represented war and death as well as magical and prophetic abilities. It was...

Paraic McNeela

The Celtic Triskele Bodhran [SOLD OUT]


Derived from the Greek word "Triskeles" meaning "three legs", the Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol. The Triskele gained popularity in its use within the Celtic culture from 500BC onwards. This archaic symbol is one of the most...

Paraic McNeela

The Green Celtic Knot Bodhran [SOLD OUT]


The interlacing lines of the Celtic Knot stands for "no beginning, no ending, the continuity of everlasting love and the binding together of two souls or spirits". Christianity has embraced much of the ancient Celtic symbolism and has adapted many Celtic...