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Oak Tin Whistles

Oak whistles

are the perfect starter instrument for any tin whistle player. They offer a warm, bright tone at an inexpensive price and comes with different keys of high C and D.


Oak Whistle

Oak Whistle 'C'


Oak Whistle 'C' The classic Pennywhistle in the key of high C (soprano). Made using premium triple-nickel plated, solid brass tubing, polished to a lustrous shine and capped with a unique Oak adjustable (tuneable) mouthpiece.   Need a...

Oak Whistle

Oak Whistle 'D'


Oak 'D' Tin Whistle  Made with solid brass, the whistle is then triple nickel plated to give it a wonderful lustre. A great starter whistle, it has a bright tone that has a bit of an 'edge' in the upper register, and requires less...