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We offer one of the best selections of violins in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling violins below.




As you can see from the selection below, we cater for every level of violin player, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Whether you're looking for an acoustic violin, an electro acoustic violin or even an electric violin - you've come to the right place. We have something for everyone.

Here at McNeela Instruments we offer quality musical instruments at affordable prices, designed specifically with the needs of student musicians in mind. We have an extensive selection of violins, including full size violins and 1/2 size violins for sale. Our range of beginner violins also includes a number of Hidersine violins, available in a range of sizes - ¼, ½, ¾ or 4/4 (full size).

If you're unsure which size violin is right for you, please consult our sizing guide: McNeela Violin Size Guide

The Best Violins for Sale in 2022:

We stock only the best violins and produce our very own best sellers - The EasyString Violin, The Premier Student Violin, The Premier Electro Acoustic ViolinThe Advanced Violin Set, The Maestro Violin, The Virtuoso Violin, and the, McNeela Electric Violin, available in black or white.

We also offer a handy Violin Buyer's Guide which offers expert advice on how to choose the best violin.

Our wide range of violins for sale is complemented by the very best violin accessories including violin bows, violin strings, violin rosin, shoulder rests and violin cases.

Vintage Violins: In addition to our extensive range of new violins, we also offer a selection of premium vintage violins sourced by some of Ireland's top violinists.

Second hand violins for sale? If you're hoping to upgrade your instrument and have a violin for sale, send an email with details and images to and we may be able to list it on our site.

SHIPPING: We ship all over the world, but if you're in Dublin why not drop by and test one of our best-selling violins? We're located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin, Ireland.
Shipping Times: IRELAND (Next Day) - UK (3-5 days) - EUROPE (7 days) - USA/CANADA and Rest Of World (7 days)
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 violins for sale:


Premier Student Violin


McNeela Premier Student Violin Out of Stock The McNeela Premier Student Violin is a beautifully crafted instrument suitable for beginner and intermediate fiddle players of all levels. This premium student fiddle will help you on your musical journey,...


H.T. Barry 18th Century Full Size (4/4) Violin

H.T. Barry 18th Century A late 18th century or early 19th century full size (4/4) violin, with a nice neck graft and a one-piece back. It has a mellow, deep and mature sound. It has been nicely set up and it may suit a player with petite hands as it...

Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Colin Violin [SOLD]


  Jean Baptiste Colin Violin This French instrument made by Jean Baptiste Colin (1841-1923) is in excellent condition. It has a wonderful, sweet yet strong, and penetrating sound - an excellent professional instrument. Colin was based in...