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Welcome to McNeela Instruments  

We offer one of the best selections of violins in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling violins below.




Welcome to McNeela Music, where we stock some of the finest traditional Irish instruments. We have a number of iconic Irish musical instruments to offer and our violins for sale and fiddles are no exception. However, what separated us from many other Irish instrument suppliers is that we have many high-quality instruments in an affordable price range as to not break the bank account when looking for a new instrument. Plus, we have plenty of models for all skill levels. So whether you're looking for beginner-friendly violins or professional violins, we're sure to have something for you.

We have violin and fiddle models in different sizes, ranging from ¼, ½, ¾ or full size 4/4 models. If you're unsure which size violin is right for you, please consult our guide: McNeela Violin Size Guide.

Our Best Violins for Sale in 2024:

We are proud to have a range of fantastic best-selling violin and fiddle models in stock. Our EasyString Violin, Premier Student Violin, Premier Electro Acoustic Violin, Advanced Violin Set, Maestro Violin, Virtuoso Violin, and the, McNeela Electric Violin are all very popular choices amongst our customers.


To boot, we also have a good choice of accessories in addition to our best sellers, including violin bows, violin strings, violin rosin, shoulder rests and violin cases.


Not only that, but we also offer Vintage Violin models as well. Do you have a second-hand or antique violin in great condition? Be sure to contact us as we might be interested in giving a price and taking it off your hands!


Need more information on the violin and fiddle? Well be sure to have a look at our fantastic blog below: