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Wooden Flutes


wooden flutes

will help you to achieve that signature Irish sound. Irish wooden flutes produce a unique warm, resonant sound that is instantly identifiable.


McNeela Music’s wide range of wooden flutes includes a large selection of Irish flutes by renowned wooden flute makers including Des Seery, Arie De Keyser, Paraic McNeela and Sam Murray.

These Celtic flutes are available in a variety of tonewoods including Rosewood, Cocuswood and African Blackwood. African Blackwood is the tonewood of choice amongst top traditional Irish flute players; these flutes produce a strong, rich tone and plenty of volume.

We offer the widest selection of wooden flutes for sale on the market, ranging in price from €300 to €3,000. Our flutes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced flute players.

Our selection of high quality wooden flutes includes keyed and keyless flutes. Choose between 4 key and 6 key models to suit your needs.

Tips for Playing the Irish Wooden Flute. 

Sam Murray Chakate Flute [SOLD]


Sam Murray Chakate Flute Limited Run   SOLD Sam Murray flutes are known for their rich tone and ease of play and this flute is no exception. Made of chakate - a hard, dense tonewood with a fine grain - it produces a powerful tone that...

Arie de Keyser

Arie de Keyzer Boxwood Flute [SOLD]


    Arie de Keyzer Professional Boxwood Flute  The name Arie de Keyzer needs little introduction in professional and Irish music circles. Arie, dividing his time between North County Dublin and Belgium, has been crafting premium...

Christopher Gerock

Christopher Gerock Flute


Christopher Gerock Antique Flute     Sam Murray has restored this handsome early flute in flamed boxwood and bone with a silver key at the foot. Made by Christopher Gerock in London in circa 1820. Plays modern pitch (A=440) when warmed up...