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Irish Concertina Lessons with Jack Talty

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 Irish Concertina Lessons with Jack Talty

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Whether you simply want to walk into your local session and play with confidence, or impress listeners with your masterful skills, this exciting course, taught by Irish concertina player extraordinaire, Jack Talty, guarantees results. Demystify the concertina with this innovative three part course that will take you from beginner, right through intermediate, and all the way to advanced level. 

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"This concertina course by Jack Talty has been the best musical instruction I have undertaken yet!" Christina K.

These lessons will give you access to a treasure trove of information and unlock the key to your musical learning. Under Jack's expert guidance you'll learn to navigate the concertina with confidence, so that you’re fully in control. 

Jack will teach you absolutely everything you need to know - the best concertina tunes, ornamentation, how to learn by ear, cross-fingering, staff notation, harmony and more - divulging all the tricks of the trade as he show you the ins and outs of the Irish concertina.

Jack’s tried and tested teaching methods will transform you into the best concertina player you can be.



Features of the McNeela Online Concertina Course:

  • World class concertina tuition with leading concertina expert Jack Talty
  • ​​30 immersive Irish concertina lessons
  • Specially tailored content for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced players
  • ​40 exciting concertina tunes
  • ​Exclusive bonus materials
  • Flexible lessons that you can pause, slow down, speed up, follow at your own pace and bring with you wherever you go. 






Here's what people are saying about the McNeela Concertina Masterclass:


'I'm loving the concertina course with Jack. Well explained, clear, and great support materials. Thank you!' - Anne-Maree A.

'As a musician/singer I have endured many lessons in a variety of instruments, often feeling much time passing with little result. My decision to take up the concertina with the purchase of the Phoenix Anglo Concertina has provided unstoppable progress. The lessons address concertina mapping, notation, theory, cultural history and visual study - in an intelligent and well crafted format. Best of all, the student can take on the lessons to their own individual learning abilities and repeat sections as necessary within the course timeline. A happy instrument bringing much happiness.'  - Christina K.

'The lessons from Jack are the best idea to start with the concertina! He gives lot of clues which seem simple but are essential to easily go forward... I thought it would be much more laborious to learn this instrument. This course is also convenient for me because I can go forward at my own pace and whenever I want.' - Sabine R.

“I like the organisation of Jack's lessons and especially the focus on technique…His lessons are organized and reassuring. I have been a teacher and he uses introductions and summations well….[the lessons] are well done, motivating and encouraging as well as challenging.” - Libby M.


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