Keyless Flutes

Keyless Flutes

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Looking for traditional keyless flutes for Irish music? Or looking to arm yourself with a fine keyless flute to upgrade your playing? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At McNeela Instruments, we have a wide range of spectacular keyless flutes from a number of widely renowned brands such as Arie de Keyzer, Martin Doyle, Sam Murray, Tony Dixon, and more. So whether it be simple starter flutes, or more advanced blackwood keyless flutes, we’re sure to have something for you.

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What Makes The Irish Flute Unique?

Traditional Irish flutes are normally diatonic instruments, meaning they're only tuned and played in one key. This contrasts concert or boehm keyed flutes as they tend to be chromatic instruments capable of playing in multiple keys. However, there is certainly a charm to the ancient design of the Irish flute that’s hard to match. 

Don’t let the simple design fool you though. A keyless wooden flute is still a powerful and versatile instrument to play and our wide selection of keyless flutes houses some of our best-sellers such as the Cygnet Flute, and The Lon Dubh. Each of these keyless models are premium instruments that fit in a very budget-friendly price range, which is perfect for beginner players.

What Are Our Flutes Made From?

Our keyless flutes are made from a wide range of wood materials, such as African blackwood, rosewood, cocuswood, and even delrin (a lightweight yet robust polymer that works excellently for a flute resilient to humidity and temperature changes). 

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