Banjo Books

Banjo Books

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We have a wide range of accessories for our top-tier banjos here at McNeela Instruments. Among these particular accessories though, we have a number of books designed to help first time players to get up onto their feet to start playing, or for intermediate and advanced players to take their playing to the next stage. Either way, we’re sure to have something for you!

Our selection includes a wide range of instructional books catered towards banjo players of all levels. We have books which are designed to teach beginner players from the ground up, or for more experienced players to pick up some new tricks or learn some of the niches of the more advanced techniques. Our book collection also contains song books that have sheet music and chords for various well known Irish folk tunes from all over Ireland.

In addition, some of our books are suitable for various 4 stringed Irish instruments tuned to GDAE. This includes tenor banjos, mandolins, fiddles, bouzoukis, and even tenor guitars.

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