Make Your Own Bodhran

Our DIY Bodhran Kit provides everything you need to 

make your own bodhran

Build your very own drum using the materials and simple instructions provided.

Paraic McNeela

Bodhrán Goat Skin


Need a goatskin for a bodhrán or drum head vellum? We have plenty in stock. Diameter of the skin is 22" and can be cut to size. Please allow a 10-day lead time for Lambeg skin. Professionally cured white goatskin for €15 each. Lambeg Skin...

Paraic McNeela

Make your own Bodhrán - D.I.Y. Bodhrán Kit


Make Your Own Bodhrán - D.I.Y. Bodhrán Kit  SOLD OUT Can there be anything more satisfying than crafting your own instrument? It's a creative process that can only bring increased playing satisfaction knowing that you've made...