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Setanta Whistles

an exciting range of soprano and low whistles from Dublin whistle maker John O'Brien. These professional standard whistles offer a warm clear tone in all octaves, excellent responsiveness and exceptionally accurate tuning.
Reviews for the Setanta Whistle Range.
“I have compared my new Setanta (Low D whistle) with my MK, Reviol and Burke and it comes in number one. How did you do it? This whistle functions perfectly in the low and high range with a nice clear tone with some breathiness. You don’t have to be cautious at all. The most balanced from low d to high b of all my whistles.”
“Beautifully made with rich tone and responsiveness to breath and player modulation. One of the best, if not the best, low whistles I have played. Highly recommended”
“in my opinion the sound is gorgeous, it has a beautiful dark sweet tone, perfectly balanced in both two octaves, great volume without being too loud and very easy to play ... I wanted something sweeter and I found the perfect sound for me. I have tried many but this instrument is absolutely "The One" for me!"


Setanta Body Separate - Low D, Eb or E Whistle


Setanta Whistle Body in Low D, Eb or E The separate body has been produced for when you might decide to upgrade or add to your set. Please specify whether you require Low D, Eb or E in the notes section at Checkout The brand new Setanta Whistle...