Vintage Violins

Vintage Violins

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If you’re interested in owning a violin unlike any other, that embodies both a high quality and an extensive history, then you’re in the right place!

At McNeela Instruments, not only do we make violins and bows for all different player levels, but we also offer some absolutely gorgeous vintage violins for those advanced players looking for a special addition to their repertoire. Our second hand antique violins are sure to leave you with a lasting impression from their seasoned sound and touch. 

Dive into our wonderful selection of antique, vintage violin models from the likes of H.T. Barry, Jean Baptiste, Leandro Bisiach, and more! Each of our antique violins are refurbished and restored to ensure that their sound is as resonant and strong as ever, while repairing or replacing any sections that have degraded over time. With the top grade violins we currently have in stock, it’s rather easy to forget that some of these models come in at over 100 years old!

On top of vintage violin models, we also sell other antique and vintage instruments which include accordions, concertinas, and banjos. If the idea of playing one of those types of instruments excites you, be sure to check out their respective sections on our website.

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