Violin Bows

Violin Bows

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A great violin is nothing without a great violin bow to make it sing. That’s why at McNeela Instruments, not only do we stock the highest grade violins for all levels, but we also stock a selection of top quality bows to go alongside them and bring out the violin’s full potential. Whether it be for fiddling alongside your favourite trad group, or standing out in a full orchestra, we’re sure to have something for you.

Our very own fiddle bows are made from either brazilwood, ebony, or snakewood. However, we also have a number of carbon fiber violin bow models, which offers some unique characteristics such as being sturdy and resilient to temperature, while still maintaining the characteristics of traditional wooden violin bows. Carbon fiber violin bows are also on the more affordable side, meaning they’re absolutely worth their value, especially for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced professional violin players. The reality is, you have to try a carbon fiber bow to believe the quality!

To make your bow movements more seamless, we also have on offer a number of quality Italian rosins for violin strings (or for viola and cello models as well). These rosins will be sure to bring your violin strings to life, and help you bring your playing to the next level. In addition, we also have a number of premium durable carbonate violin cases, perfect for protecting both your violin and bow from any unnecessary scratches or blemishes that musical instruments often suffer from. 

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