Premium McNeela Mandolins

Premium McNeela Mandolins

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When picking a premium instrument, it’s important to know what makes it special, and how exactly it differs from a normal instrument of standard quality. That’s why at McNeela Instruments, we aim to demonstrate our mastery of mandolin craftsmanship with our range of handcrafted mandolins, suitable for any age and stage of player development. Each premium mandolin model blends high-quality models with affordability in order to help you achieve mandolin mastery!

Our premium A-style mandolins are a prime example of both simplicity and sophistication. Sporting their classic teardrop shape design and oval sound hole, these mandolins offer a top-notch timbre. They offer warm yet rich tones which lend themselves well to a number of different musical styles such as folk and traditional Irish music.

To contrast our selection of A-style models, our F-style mandolins are fan favourites and effortlessly blend quality and class. Known by their intricate scroll, ornate headstock, and clear “F holes”, our premium F-style mandolin models offer a rich and vibrant sound. Their strong attack to their tone adds an almost percussive element to their texture which makes them a favourite choice amongst certain musical genres such as jazz, bluegrass, or country-western.’

No matter what style or design of these premium mandolins, we’re sure that you’ll find something for you!

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