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Here at McNeela Instruments we offer quality musical instruments at affordable prices, designed specifically with the needs of aspiring musicians in mind. We cater for every level of flute player, from beginner to advanced, as well as all genres. We stock only the best student flutes and produce our very own best sellers - The CygnetThe CocuswoodThe Lon Dubh and our Silver Concert Flute.

We have an extensive selection of beginner-friendly student flutes for sale including keyless flutes, Irish wooden flutes, polymer flutes, practice flutes, concert flutes and Boehm system flutes. Our range of student flutes is always expanding.

If you're unsure about which flute is right for you, check out our expert flute buyer's guides below: 

How to Choose the Best Flute for Traditional Irish Music

McNeela Flutes - Which One Is Right For You?

If you're looking for more information on student flutes, the McNeela Flute Blog is packed full of helpful insights for flute players.


The Suprema Silver Flute (Open Hole)


  The McNeela "Suprema" Silver Plated Open Hole Concert Flute [SI SERIES] SOLD OUT The McNeela Suprema Flute offers a luxurious playing experience. This is a beautiful 16 hole C flute that's ideal for older students, adult beginners or...