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We offer one of the best selections of concertinas in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling concertinas below.


As you can see from the selection below, we cater for every level of concertina player, from beginner to advanced. We stock only the best concertinas and produce our very own best sellers - the Wren Student Concertina, the Swan Concertina and the Phoenix Intermediate Concertina
A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, from the same family of instruments as the accordion and the harmonica. It consists of bellows that expand and contract, with buttons (or keys) on both ends, which push air through the reeds to make a note. It was originally invented in the UK but also developed independently in Germany. As a result, today we have three popular types of concertina: the Anglo-German concertina, the English concertina and the Duet concertina.
Each McNeela concertina is designed to cater to the needs of developing concertina players, featuring a strong, crisp tone with quality reeds and responsive, comfortable buttons with fast action, making it a delight to play.
If you're unsure about which concertina is for you, check out Paraic's personal guide: How to choose the best concertina for traditional Irish music
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The Sparrow English Concertina


The Sparrow English Concertina    Introducing The Sparrow, a 30 button English concertina in the key of C. It’s a great size instrument for beginners who want to learn the English concertina style and is perfect for song...

Jeffries 39 Key Concertina [SOLD]


C.Jeffries 38 Key Concertina   Reconditioned C. Jeffries concertina with 39-keys including drone and air button. Made circa 1910.   Please contact us for more information email or phone 087 256 9672   Sorry but...


Lachenal Rosewood 30 Key Concertina 6899


Lachenal No. 6899 Reconditioned 30 Key Anglo Concertina in great condition, ready to play. Key Features of the Lachenal Anglo Concertina No. 6899 Fully reconditioned/reconstructed Steel Reeds New Valves New Pads New Leather Hand...


Lachenal Concertina 26 Button No 122458

This Lachenal Concertina No 122458 is a 26 Button concertina and has 5 fold bellows.  TRADE-INS NOT ACCEPTED WITH THIS OFFER Are you looking for a solid step up from your beginner or student concertina but you don’t want to break...