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The Sparrow English Concertina

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The Sparrow English Concertina
Introducing The Sparrow, a 30 button English concertina in the key of C. It’s a great size instrument for beginners who want to learn the English concertina style and is perfect for song accompaniment for traditional and folk music.

Key Features of the Sparrow English Concertina

  • Warm Wooden Laminate Finish
  • Black 8-fold bellows
  • 30 buttons 
  • Steel Reeds
  • 2 octave range
  • Air button
  • Adjustable leather thumb strap plus metal hand stop on each side
  • Unisonoric - each button plays the same note on the push and pull

Bonus Features:

  • Comes with free padded hard case 

What's the difference between an Anglo Concertina and an English Concertina?

The English Concertina, as its name implies, is primarily used to play English folk music. It's a unisonoric instrument meaning each button plays the same note on both the push and pull. As a result, it has a different button layout to the Anglo Concertina.

Anglo Concertinas are bisonoric instruments.This means that each button plays two separate notes, depending on whether you are pushing or pulling the bellows. Anglo Concertinas typically feature either a Wheatstone or Jeffries layout.

Read all about the differences between English concertinas, Anglo concertinas and Duet Concertina here. 

Need Advice on purchasing a concertina? Can’t decide between an English or Anglo oconcertina? Don’t know which instrument is right for you? Our in-house concertina advisor is here for you.

We’ll help you navigate the tricky process of choosing the right concertina, whether you’re a complete beginner, an improver or advanced level concertina player. 

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