Flute Maintenance Kit

Flute Maintenance Kit

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Flute Maintenance Kit

Not only do we provide instruments here at McNeela, but we also like to provide the necessary means to care for them adequately as well. In this case, our very own

Flute Maintenance Kits

are the very thing that all flute players need nowadays to increase the longevity of their flute.

Tools for Flute Repair

As we pride ourselves in making products for all sorts of musicians, it’s important to us that you have the necessary tools in your flute repair kit to keep your flute in impeccable condition. That is why we have armed our flute maintenance kit with the following:

  • Grapeseed Bore Oil: Designed to preserve the high quality wood of the flute.

  • Oiling Rod and Drying Rod: Two rods designed to apply the grapeseed oil and to remove any excess residue.

  • Cork Grease: Used for maintaining the joints and headjoint in the flute (note, it’s recommended to use this grease seldomly).

  • Instruction Leaflet: Instructions left in the flute repair kit for each tool and their purpose.

A good flute maintenance kit is an investment in your instrument's future, as each part of these kits are fully designed to keep your flute in the best shape possible. Regular maintenance is the key to a long lasting flute, or long lasting instrument of any kind. In addition, we also recommend a good cleaning cloth to go with your maintenance kit, as it can reduce any blemishes on your flute/flutes. 

Need more information on flute cleaning and flute care? Well then be sure to check out our incredible music blog here for all things flute related:


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