Electric Violins

Electric Violins

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At McNeela Instruments, we are committed to providing a wide range of instruments that blend both the old ways and the new. This is absolutely the case with our fantastic line of electric violins which perfectly mixes tradition with innovation and modern technology.  Our electric violins are sure to get you sounding like a complete pro in no time!

These intriguing types of acoustic-electric violins are rather unique, but incredibly versatile in what they can do in comparison to your standard traditional violin. Electric violins are constructed using built in pickups (similar to an electric guitar) which allows the sound of the strings to be boosted by external amplification or connect to external sources sometimes by midi. 

Alternatively, our series differ from standard wood violins as these incredible instruments have built in EQ controls, volume controls, aux and ¼ inch jack inputs and outputs, meaning you can practice silently in the comfort of your own home through a pair or headphones. This certainly means you'll have some perfect practice violins and not have to worry about annoying the neighbors either!

Having the option of changing the sound of your violin through an amplifier can be very exciting. You can play it normally on a clean setting through a speaker which enhances its natural sound, or you can also enhance it by adding effects like chorus or distortion to get a very cool modern combination. Some other models and series of electric violins offer fretted violins as well which can sometimes make the learning process a bit easier, however the playing technique with violin bows stays the same. Some electric violin brands even offer five, and six string violins to add even more to the madness!

The electric violin has started to be seen more and more in the last few years, especially in Irish music. If you’d like to learn more on why that is, be sure to have a look at our fantastic blog below: 

The Electric Violin and Why It’s Perfect For Traditional Irish Music