Banjo Strings

Banjo Strings

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At McNeela Instruments, we not only sell a wide range of banjos, but also light banjo, and medium gauge banjo strings so that you’re always ready to play.

We offer both loop end strings and ball end strings from the renowned Clareen, one of the best banjo brands in Ireland. These strings will ensure to give you a great tone on the 4 string Irish tenor banjo.

In addition, we also offer sets of strings by elixir who are normally renowned for their excellent guitar strings. Their steel banjo string series are designed for 5 string banjos and are made from a nickel-wrapped, plain steel, and polyweb combination. In turn, these strings promise to last for long durations and are smooth to the touch, enhancing your playing skills.

It’s important to note that like most stringed instruments, a banjo should have its strings replaced every couple of months depending on how frequently it’s used. On average, if you’re playing the banjo frequently, then we’d recommend restringing it every 3-5 months. If you’re not playing it as frequently, then you could even leave it for longer before restringing.

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