Irish Banjos

Irish Banjos

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Welcome to McNeela Instruments, where we have been crafting traditional Irish musical instruments for over 40 years. We offer a wide range of high quality Irish instruments including a collection of Irish banjos. Each of our banjos are handcrafted top quality instruments that are suitable for every playing level. So whether or not you’re a complete banjo newbie, or a hardened banjo playing veteran, we’re sure to have something for you.

The Irish banjo is a 4 string tenor resonator instrument based on the 5 string banjo. While the 5 string version is seen more in genres such as bluegrass and country, the Irish tenor banjo is almost exclusively used for playing traditional Irish melodies, and has become one of our most iconic traditional instruments.

Our banjo selection has a variety of different types of banjo. Our most popular series The Celt Banjo is a beautifully crafted Irish tenor banjo. With 4 strings and available in 17 fret and 19 fret tenor versions, this banjo is certainly a force to be reckoned with and it is our most popular Irish banjo model for beginner and intermediate players. However, The Viking Banjo and The Norseman Banjo series sport a similar design (with some subtle intricacies) and are both excellent as well.

Not only do we have our own branded banjos, but we also sell products from other famous banjo manufacturers. These include: Bacon & Day, Framus, Gretsch, Rettburg & Lange, and more.

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