Bouzouki is a long-necked Lute developed in Greece from its Turkish roots. Browse our range of premium Antonio Carvalho 


are made of Ebony bridge and fingerboard. Our Bouzoukis are perfect for performing Irish traditional music.

PTB305 Carvalho Bouzouki [SOLD OUT]


This Antonio Carvalho bouzouki was made in Portugal by famed luthiers, APC. A good quality loud sounding bouzouki with plenty of resonance, it is a large body bouzouki with solid spruce top, sapele back and sides and an African blackwood...


Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki [OUT OF STOCK]


Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki PTB308 This is an Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki, handmade in Portugal. The sides and back are Ovangkol wood and the top is solid Spruce. It has an Ebony Bridge and fingerboard and arched top and 24 frets. With a full...