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Whistles made by

Roy MacMaghnuis

(Roy McManus Belfast) are currently out of stock. We are, however, very pleased to offer you an excellent alternative.


We present the new Setanta Whistle range by maker and musician John O’Brien. This new premium Irish whistle range featuring low and soprano whistles in a selection of popular keys is taking the whistle world by storm.


Designed for traditional Irish music and session playing, the perfect balance in all octaves and highly accurate tuning is complemented by the stunning finish of this Irish whistle.


Reviews for the Setanta Whistle Range.

“I have compared my new Setanta (Low D whistle) with my MK, Reviol and Burke and it comes in number one. How did you do it? This whistle functions perfectly in the low and high range with a nice clear tone with some breathiness. You don’t have to be cautious at all. The most balanced from low d to high b of all my whistles.”


“My brass delrin head whistle arrived this morning and I can only say it’s well worth the wait, it plays so sweet and warm but with great volume, nice weight to it and looks the business. I even prefer it over my (Roy) McManus whistle. I'd recommend it to anyone.”


“Beautifully made with rich tone and responsiveness to breath and player modulation. One of the best, if not the best, low whistles I have played. Highly recommended”


“in my opinion the sound is gorgeous, it has a beautiful dark sweet tone, perfectly balanced in both two octaves, great volume without being too loud and very easy to play ... I wanted something sweeter and I found the perfect sound for me. I have tried many but this instrument is absolutely "The One" for me!" 



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