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Bodhran Books & CDs

Learn everything you need to know about the Irish bodhran in our range of 

Bodhran Books and Bodhran CDs 

These expert tutors cover basic playing technique and are perfect for beginners. They'll have you playing in no time!

Bodhrán Method by Amy Richter


Hal Leonard Bodhrán Method by Amy Richter SOLD OUT The Bodhrán Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the bodhrán, regardless of your ability to read notation. Professional bodhrán player and educator...

Steáfán Hannigan

Bodhran Basics by Steafan Hannigan.


  Bodhrán Basics by Steáfán Hannigan SOLD OUT This is it! Music maestro, Steáfán Hannigan's one and only bodhrán book will tell you anything and everything worth knowing about the intricacies of...