Beginner Flutes

Beginner Flutes

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Welcome to McNeela Instruments - Home of the Irish Flute   

We offer one of the best selections of beginner flutes in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling flutes below.


Welcome to our

beginner flute

section. Here you will find an extensive range of flutes catered towards first-time


, or returning players equally. Whether you’re looking for a practice flute, keyless flute, wooden Irish flute, Celtic flute, keyed flute, silver flute, or even a concert flute, we’re sure to have something for you!

What Makes Our Flutes So Good?

Here at McNeela Instruments, we are committed to providing high quality premium instruments at cost-effective prices. This section we have particularly focuses on offering instruments to beginning student players. Don’t let that fool you though as our beginner inventory still has some of our best sellers to date such as our Cygnet Flute, The Lon Dubh, and even our new Silver Concert Flute.

Despite these flutes being designed more towards beginner players, they still offer plenty of variety in tone. This is due to the range of tonewoods our flutes are made from. Some of which include silver flutes, rosewood flutes, cocuswood flutes, and even delrin flutes as well.

What's Delrin? And Why is it Good for a Flute? 

To those who are unfamiliar, delrin is a lightweight but durable polymer which can be effortlessly molded to fit a top quality Irish flute design. The major benefit delrin flutes have over other flute materials is that delrin are very resilient to changes in temperature and humility, making them ideal for beginners as little maintenance is required for these flutes.

Still unsure which flute is right for you? Be sure to check out our guides from our




You can also browse our Irish Flute Blog which is packed full of helpful information for beginner flute players including information about flutes for sale, beginner flutes, intermediate flutes and traditional Irish music.

Be sure to have a look at our full selection of flutes for beginners above!