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McNeela Olivewood Flute

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The McNeela Olivewood Flute

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Once an olive tree has become too old to bear fruit, it can instead be harvested to use as tone wood, giving it a new lease of life! Olive wood is a particularly dense wood that is easily identifiable by its pale golden brown colourisation, with dark brown or black streaks running throughout. This beautiful tonewood offers a sleek finish, giving the new McNeela Olivewood Flute its signature look.

This lightweight flute is ideal for Irish flute players who play with a more rounded or hollow tone, or those who may struggle to fill a heavier flute. Olive wood offers a bright yet mellow tone. A delicate, sweet-playing flute, this is the perfect choice for those seeking a more mellow introduction to the Irish wooden flute. 

Key Features of The McNeela Olivewood Flute:

  • Irish wooden flute in the key of D
  • Simple system flute with conical bore
  • 6 tone holes
  • Small embouchure
  • Silver tuning slide
  • Delicate, bright sweet tone
  • Made of olivewood
  • Pale blonde appearance with natural dark wood pattern
Bonus Features:
  • Comes with a free hard case

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Every purchase of the McNeela Olivewood Flute comes with five months free access to our exciting Brand New Flute Masterclass Series (Launching Early 2023).


  • 150 days of access to this life changing course, ($208/€200£172 Value) completely free of charge.
  • FIVE months of expert guidance from one of Ireland’s finest flute maestros.
  • More than enough time to learn everything there is to know about the basics of Irish flute playing and become a confident and capable musician.


This course will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to sound good right from your very first note. You’ll learn everything from basic technique and ornamentation to the very best flute tunes.


Irish Wooden Flute Maintenance

How to Store Your Irish Wooden Flute:

Wood reacts to both temperature and humidity, so how and where you store your wooden flute is very important. Make sure to store it in its case, in a cool, dry location. Overly dry conditions and extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause cracks in the wood. 

How to Oil Your Irish Wooden Flute:

Oiling your wooden flute will prevent it from drying out. This reduces the likelihood of cracks caused by the wood warping or splitting due to overly dry conditions. Almond oil and grapeseed oil are both suitable for use on musical instruments.


  • Using either a cloth or your hands, rub a few drops of oil into the body of the flute. (Make sure not to oversaturate the flute, remember olive wood is quite an oily wood. One or two drops is plenty!)
  • Leave the oil to soak in and then wipe the flute with a dry cloth.
  • If you have a keyed wooden flute, make sure not to get oil on the key pads.
  • Don’t oil the cork or joints as this can cause them to warp. Cork grease can be used to safely lubricate tight joints.
  • Don’t oil your flute too often. Once a month max. The more frequently you play it, the less you’ll find it needs to be oiled. 
  • You can however oil the inside of the bore. Almond and grapeseed oil are great for both the exterior and interior of your flute. 
  • To oil the inside of the bore, simply attach a cloth to your cleaning rod, dampened with a little oil and run it gently through the inside of the flute.


mcneela-irish-flute-workshop.jpgYou're In Safe Hands With McNeela

We know you want peace of mind when making a musical investment, that's why we offer a one year guarantee on the McNeela Olivewood Flute against any material defects. Beyond one year we will happily service the flute - eg. cork replacement, pad cleaning - for a nominal fee.

The McNeela Guarantee:

  • 100% refundable (including shipping), for any reason. Just return the flute within 14 days.
  • One year guarantee against material defects. 
  • Free back up service including re-corking for one year.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday) we ship it the same business day.
  • Low cost priority shipping worldwide 



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