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Vintage Banjos

 Welcome to McNeela Instruments - the home of the Vintage banjos.

We offer one of the best selections of banjos in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling banjos below.


McNeela Instruments have been crafting traditional Irish musical instruments since 1979. We stock Irish tenor banjos, 4 string banjos, 5 string banjos, 6 String banjos and many more vintage banjos from various brands including Kasuga, Bacon & Day, Gretsch and much more.


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vintage banjos

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Collegiate Banjo


Collegiate Banjo Made in New York, approx. 1910 to 1930, this Collegiate Banjo offers a bright, resonant tone. With 4 strings and 19 frets this vintage tenor banjo is ideal for playing traditional Irish music. Features of the Majestic...


Majestic Banjo


Majestic Banjo Majestic Banjos were first made by the Puntolillo Company, New York - and later of Lyndhurst, New Jersey - in the 1920s. Gaetano 'Thomas' Puntolillo was a highly sought after craftsman who also worked on SS Stewart...

Fusion Banjo


Fusion Banjo This composite banjo combines the playability of a Dave Boyle style neck with a top quality pot. This superb 19 fret tenor banjo features a stunning mother of pearl decorative inlay on the headpiece, making it a sleek, eye...


Kasuga Tenor Banjo [SOLD ]


Kasuga Tenor Banjo Built in Japan in the 1970s this 19 fret Kasuga tenor banjo offers excellent build quality. A somewhat lesser known name in the world of banjo making, Kasuga Banjos are a worthy investment for any discerning banjo player. This...

Bacon Banjo Company

Bacon Style C Banjo


Bacon Style C Banjo This charming Style C banjo was built by the Banjo Bacon Company in Groton, USA around 1930. Bacon Banjos are renowned for their craftsmanship and exceptional build quality.  This 17 fret tenor banjo has been well cared...

Bacon and Day

Bacon & Day Special Banjo [SOLD]


Bacon & Day Special Tenor Banjo SOLD This is an exceptional Bacon & Day Special Series Style No. 2, built by the Banjo Bacon Company in Groton, Connecticut around 1930. Bacon & Day Banjos are highly sought after and are renowned for...


Leedy Olympian Banjo


Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo This Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo was made by Leedy in Chicago, USA in the 1930s. Crafted with beautiful walnut and nickel plated hardware it has a great banjo sound for traditional Irish music. Key Features of the Leedy...


CID Vintage Banjo


Key Points: Comes with a free case. 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the item. If purchased before 12 noon, it is shipped the same day. 100% refundable (For any reason, just send it back up to 14 days from when you...