Vintage Banjos

Vintage Banjos

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Welcome to McNeela Instruments. Here, we offer one of the best selections of vintage banjos across Ireland and the UK. Each of our banjos has been selected for its superb quality and craftsmanship, while also maintaining a pristine sound as well.

We specialise in dealing Irish instruments designed for mainly playing traditional Irish music so a lot of our banjos would be 4 string Irish tenor banjos or plectrum banjos. That being said, we do also receive and refurbish the classic 5 string banjos from time to time as well. These instruments work well as a vintage collectible, but are even better as a great vintage musical instrument as they are more than capable of keeping up with the current banjo competition.

Some of our antique banjo models come from some legendary banjo brands such as Bacon & Day, Gretsch, Framus, Kasuga, Recording King, Rettburg & Lange, and more.

Do you have a second hand banjo in great condition that you’d like to sell? If so, contact us or visit us in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin as we may be interested in taking it off your hands!

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