Violin Accessories

Violin Accessories

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At McNeela Instruments, we cherish the fact that not only do we have a wide selection of the highest quality violins, but also an extensive range of unmatched violin accessories to further enhance your violin playing abilities and progress. We house some incredible carbon fibre violin bows, violin cases, instructional books, rosin, tuners, spare strings, instrument hangers, and more to help bring your violin playing to the next level.

We sell a number of high quality violin bows, made from a number of traditional materials such as brazil wood, ebony, snakewood, and even carbon fibre. Our carbon fibre bows in particular have proven to be a very effective substitute for the more traditional tonewoods used in violin bows, as they are more resilient to the test of time, and resistant to temperature and humidity. These bows coupled with our own specially crafted violin chinrest models and fittings, sure to make your playing experience more comfortable.

In addition, we also offer a selection of A grade violin rosins by renowned brands such as Hidersine and Bogaro & Clemente to ensure your bows movements are incredibly smooth on the strings, and are always up to standard. If you’re looking to elevate your knowledge and skills, look no further as we also have a wide range of instructional books for violins and other instruments. Whether it be violins, violas, or cellos, our instructional books will be sure to broaden your horizons in the wonderful world of Irish music. 

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