Advanced Flutes

Advanced Flutes

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Welcome to the McNeela Advanced Irish Flute Store. Here, we offer a collection of incredibly top quality, advanced wooden and silver flutes for flute veterans, professional flute players, or any intermediate players interested in elevating their playing to the highest level. We not only sport our own make of silver

professional flutes

, but we also offer advanced flutes by one of Ireland's legendary flute makers, Sam Murray.

Sam Murray is one of the most renowned Irish flute makers within the Irish flute circles, thanks to his incredibly top quality flutes. His series of intricately crafted wooden flutes come in both keyless and keyed models and effortlessly show off the standard of his work. These flutes are made from various tonewoods such as chakate and African backwood, which gives them an excellent and resonant tone, while also being very comfortable to play, which is an added bonus of a professional flute.

What Other Top Flute Brands Do We Have?

Not only do we offer our own brand of advanced flutes and Sam Murray professional flutes, we also have models made by Arie de Keyzer and Martin Doyle for a limited time. These two are powerhouses in the flute manufacturing business in their own right and make top quality open hole flute models for professional players. All of which you can view in our advanced flute section on our online shop.

All of these keyed and open-hole flute models are perfectly suited for playing traditional Irish and Celtic music. That being said, their versatile tone allows them to fit into any musical genre featuring the flute.

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