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Arie de Keyzer Keyed African Black wood Flute ( 3 keys )

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Arie de Keyzer Keyed Flute 

Arie started making Flemish Pipes in the early 80's and soon moved on to making uilleann pipes and flutes. In the last twenty years he has established a reputation making a high quality Pratten, and Rudall & Rose style flutes for the traditional Irish music market. 

Key Features of the Arie de Keyzer Keyed Flute
  • Irish keyed flute
  • Three silver keys (C, G# and F)
  • Silver rings
  • Great definition in both the low and high octaves
  • Beautiful smooth play

Bonus Features:

  • Comes with a free foam-lined hard case

Take a look at award winning Irish flute player, Jillian O'Malley, playing Arie's keyed flute in our video below.

Praise for Arie de Keyzer's Keyed Flute

'The wood grain is as smooth as the tone of the flute, and it sounds really great in the higher octave!' - Justin. F 

Superior Tonewood

African Blackwood is the tonewood of choice for top Irish flute players and flute makers. This dense hardwood offers a full bodied resonance and produces a strong, powerful tone.  

Caring for Your Irish Wooden Flute:mcneela-flute-maintenance.jpg

  • Always warm up before playing.
  • Dry your wooden flute thoroughly after playing to prevent trapped moisture distorting and warping the wood. 
  • Always take the flute apart after playing and when storing, this takes pressure off the tenons. 
  • If in a particularly dry climate, lightly oil the bore of the flute, but no more than once a month as over-oiling can cause cracks.
  • Use cork grease on the cork lapping to allow for ease of movement.
  • Never pull the flute when disassembling, rather twist each part backwards and forwards and gently coax it off.
  • Try to avoid very dry conditions and do not leave the flute in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.  

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