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Tin Whistle Lessons with John O'Brien (maker, player and teacher)

Tin Whistle Lessons

The Ultimate Irish Tin Whistle Lessons

€35 €25

 John O'Brien’s ‘Sound First Framework’ Online Irish Whistle Lessons  SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE €25/$30 PER MONTH FOR FIRST 6 MONTHS "John has developed an extraordinary method which has you learning fast but without...

McNeela Brand New Delrin Intermediate Keyed Flute


Brand New Delrin Intermediate Keyed Flute

€995 €795

   The Brand New Delrin® 6 Keyed Flute by McNeela     This is a superb value fully keyed Delrin® flute with a great low D tone. With loads of volume, this flute is ideal in a fast session and for those wishing to...

Paraic McNeela

Bodhrán Clave

€8 €6

Bodhrán Clave Introducing the McNeela Bodhrán Clave. Made from Camellia wood, this bodhrán accessory is held at the back of the bodhrán to create different sound effects while playing in gigs, sessions or concerts or for...


Mulberry Cheating Spoons

€20 €11

Mulberry Cheating Spoons The spoons are played by both beginners and advanced players and will enliven any Irish music session. These spoons are called cheating spoons because they are joined at the base which makes them easier to hold and easier to...