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McNeela 14" Deep Rim Classic Performance Bodhrán Set [NEW]

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McNeela 14" Deep Rim Classic Performance Bodhrán Set

Featuring our best-selling McNeela 14” Classic Performance Bodhrán, a selection of bodhrán beaters, our exclusive Drum Diddly Bodhrán Conditioning Cream and lessons with one of Ireland's most exciting bodhrán players, this bodhrán set includes everything an aspiring bodhrán player needs to get started on their musical journey.

The McNeela 14" Performance Bodhrán is perfect for any level of player, from beginner to advanced. Its compact size makes it the perfect instrument for petite or young musicians.

With an 8 point hand tuning system, this bodhrán offers great action, excellent control, superb resonance and depth of tone, and a rich, booming bass - everything you need to take your playing to the next level.

Key Features of the McNeela 14” Deep Rim Classic Performance Bodhrán:

  • Diameter 14”
  • Rim Depth 6”
  • 8 point hand tuning system
  • Removable T-bar
  • Rim cutout for playing comfort
  • Top quality goat skin
  • Highly responsive
  • Wide tonal range
  • Lush bass sound
  • Taped for Improved Harmonics

Bonus Features:

  • Free Online Bodhrán Lessons with Rónán Ó Snodaigh

 Set Includes:

  • Drum Diddly Bodhrán Conditioning Cream
  • Soft padded gig bag with separate pocket for beaters
  • Beginner bodhrán lesson DVD with Paraic McNeela

 Selection of bodhrán beaters and percussion instruments included:

  • Double knot beater 
  • Double ribbed beater
  • Pencil Tipper
  • Retractable Nylon Brush Beater
  • Single Grip Cocuswood Tipper

Please note: selection of beaters provided may change due to availability.

The McNeela 14” Deep Rim Classic Performance Bodhrán Set includes a brand new premium padded gig bag with padded hand straps and an adjustable padded shoulder strap, making storing and transporting your new bodhrán a breeze. Protect your drum from unwanted knocks and bumps with this stylish gig bag with separate front pocket to store your bodhrán beaters. Choose from two striking colour options - green and black, or black and red.

Free Online Bodhrán Lesson with Rónán Ó Snodaigh

For a limited time only, with every purchase of the Pinewood Bodhrán Ultimate Set, you will receive eight free lessons with Rónán Ó Snodaigh. Rónán is one of the greatest Irish bodhrán players in the world. You might recognise him as the driving force behind Irish supergroup Kíla.

These online lessons cover everything from basics, to traditional Irish music session performance and alternative beats. Rónán will show you how to get the most out of your bodhrán, how to tune your bodhrán and everything else you need to get started on your musical journey.

These free online bodhrán lessons are exclusive to McNeela Instruments and will have you accompanying your first traditional Irish music session in no time!

Need advice? Check out our bodhrán maker's guide to buying a bodhrán.

Bodhrán Size
14 inches is a great size suiting both petite and younger players as well as travelling musicians who need a more compact drum, without compromising on quality.

The 6 inch rim depth produces a rich, deep bass tone. The deeper the rim, the more resonant the bass sound will be. The 6" rim is perfect for creating our signature McNeela lush, booming bass and great volume.

Hand Tuning System
Our 8 point hand-tuning system makes it easy to adjust your bodhrán tuning, without interrupting your performance.

The tuners are easy to grip and fast to tune. The McNeela tuning system will allow you to get the best sound from your bodhrán skin, no matter the playing conditions.

Adjust tuning with lightning speed to respond to performance requirements for when you need your bodhrán to match pitch, volume and tone. 

With the wide spread of tonal options available you can offer a subtle accompaniment in quieter session spaces and a full resonating bass in concert settings. 

Bodhrán Goatskin
Each goatskin is hand-selected for quality, responsiveness and sustain. This is a natural sustainable product and each skin will be unique to your bodhrán, waiting for you to explore its myriad properties.

Use McNeela's DrumDiddly bodhrán conditioning cream (included in the set) to keep your new bodhrán skin in optimum condition. 

How to Use DrumDiddly Bodhrán Cream to Condition Your Bodhrán Skin

Just remove a small amount of cream from the container and, using your fingers, massage it into the skin on the front of the bodhrán. Use large circular motions to spread the cream over the skin. Then, leave it overnight to soak in.

The following day, take a soft, lint-free cloth and, again using large circular motions, wipe the skin with the cloth. This will remove any excess product from the skin. Continue to buff until the skin is dry and no longer sticky.

You’ll notice a difference immediately in not just the feel and texture of the skin, but also the sound it produces.

I recommend only treating the outside (front or top) of the bodhrán skin, especially for non-tuneable bodhráns. 

Why? Conditioning creams affect moisture absorption. In order to adjust the tone of a non-tuneable bodhrán you’ll need it to be capable of absorbing water; the easiest way to adjust the tone of a non-tuneable bodhrán is by lightly misting it with water, wetting it down with a spray bottle.  

Good to Know:

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  • Free backup service for one year.
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