Beginner Banjos

Beginner Banjos

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At McNeela Instruments, we take pride in making premium instruments at an incredibly high quality, while keeping them in the budget-friendly and affordable range. That’s why many of our banjo models are perfectly suited for first time learners, or returning beginner players who are looking to get into the wonderful realm of banjo playing! Our beginner banjos are made at such a quality to avoid the typical pitfalls that a cheap banjo can bring.

We at McNeela Instruments specialise in making instruments catered towards traditional Irish music. That’s why our most popular banjo series, The Celt Banjo follows a 4 string Irish banjo design (with a resonator body instead on an open back). These banjos come in 17 and 19 fret versions, they are our most popular starter banjos amongst traditional Irish students, and they even fare well for intermediate


If you're leaning more towards bluegrass or country music though, don’t worry as we also offer a choice range of classic 5 string

beginner banjo

models which are excellent for playing bluegrass and country music. However, if you’re interested in emulating the late Luke Kelly, you can use a 5 string for Irish music accompaniment instead. Our very own McNeela 5-String Banjo ticks off all the boxes you’d want in a classic 5 string  banjo, so you can get stuck in playing the Scruggs-style fingerpicking bluegrass as soon as possible.
On top of offering our very own banjos, we also have a number of models from other renowned banjo brands such as Bacon & Day, Framus, Gretsch, Rettburg & Lange banjos, and more.
We also offer a number of banjo accessories that are more than suitable for


, such as: banjo instructional books, tuners, picks,


, straps, stands and many more.
Are you a left handed player? If so, we can happily configure the


and set up one of our banjos for left handed players. Just leave a note with your order and we'll be sure to do what we can.
Need any more help on how to choose the right banjo for you? Be sure to check out our expert blog below to get all of the insights into buying a

beginner banjo

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