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Welcome to the McNeela Irish Accordion Store where we have a great range of accordions for sale. We stock a range of new button accordions and piano accordions for sale for world folk and the Irish music market. 

For beginners on the Irish accordion we offer a best in class

button accordion

that has been set up specifically for learners of the Irish button accordion style. It has been built using sound materials and to a high standard helping you to avoid the many pitfalls that a cheap accordion can bring.
A button accordion is a member of the free-reed aerophone family (a family of musical instruments that produces sound primarily by causing a body of air to vibrate). It's a type of accordion on which the melody-side keyboard contains one or more rows of buttons, with each row producing the notes of a single diatonic scale:
For example, a B/C button accordion produces the notes of the B scale and the C scale. Likewise, a C#/D button accordion produces the notes of the C# (sharp) scale and the D scale.

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Antique Accordion For Sale

If you’re hoping to buy an accordion that’s a little more special we also have a range of vintage accordions for sale including Paolo Soprani accordions and Hohner accordions

Have a button accordion for sale? Contact us here, there's a chance we'd be interested!

Our range of used accordions for sale continues to grow and our in-house accordion expert is on hand to answer any accordion and melodeon accordion related questions.


If you’d like to read more about the Irish accordion and its key players check out our Irish music blog.


McNeela Red B/C Accordion (21 Button)


The McNeela 21 Button Accordion SOLD OUT **Reduced Priority Shipping to the USA, UK, Canada & The Rest of the World** The McNeela 21 Button Accordion is an attractive and affordable option that’s ideal for any beginner accordion player...


McNeela 48 Bass 3 Coupler Piano Accordion


McNeela 48 Bass 3 Coupler Piano Accordion Only shipping to Ireland, UK and Europe Contact us for further details Key Features of the McNeela 48 Bass 3 Coupler Piano Accordion 48 Bass Buttons 26 Keys Two Sets of Mid-Octave reeds Two...

Paulo Soprani

Paolo Soprani Piano Accordion [SOLD]


The story of Paolo Soprani and the accordion as we know it today, all began in 1863 in a farmhouse just outside of Castelfidardo, a medieval town located in central Italy. After being caught in a heavy storm one evening, an Austrian pilgrim sought...


Parrot a48 Bass Piano Accordion [SOLD]


This is a48 Bass piano accordion made by Parrot in China it has 3 couplers and comes in red marble. Very reliable and good value at 295 Euro. Come and test this accordion out! We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin. Otherwise we...


72 Bass 5 Coupler Piano Accordion [SOLD]


This is a 72 bass 5 coupler piano accordion. Good quality reeds giving a great sound. It comes in a stone grey finish. A reliable instrument at a very good price of 495euro. Only 1 left in stock. Come and test this accordion out! We are located in...

Paulo Soprani

Paolo Soprani Black Badge 1980's Accordion [SOLD]

2 coupler B/C Accordion, made in the 1980's. It is in fabulous condition. Great volume and tone with Paolo Sopranni reeds. Price to sell phone Paraic 0872569672. Come and test out! We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin. Otherwise we...