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The New McNeela Wooden Melodeon

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The McNeela Melodeon

Explore the rich tradition of Irish melodeon playing with this delightful instrument. This 10 button, single row melodeon is perfect for button accordion enthusiasts and can cater to all levels from beginner to experienced musicians.

Despite its small size, The McNeela Melodeon packs a punch. Featuring four registers - Low, Middle x2, and High (Piccolo) - operated by stops, this versatile four voice melodeon offers a wide range of sounds.

With is sleek cherrywood frame, pearlescent polymer buttons and ornate grillework, this is an instrument that looks as good as it sounds - it's a joy to play! 

Features of the McNeela Melodeon:

  • Single row melodeon
  • 10 buttons
  • Key of D
  • 4 registers
  • LMMH - low, middle x2, high (piccolo)
  • American cherry wood frame
  • Decorative fretwork on grille
  • Pearlescent polymer buttons
  • Features Czech-made reeds
  • Adjustable bass hand strap and shoulder strap
  • 2 bass setup

Bonus Features

  • Comes with free Accordion Gig Bag

Melodeon Reeds

The quality of the reeds is one of the factors that has the greatest impact on the sound a melodeon produces. The playability, sound and quality of a melodeon all depend on the reeds that it’s fitted with. We only use the best quality reeds in our instruments, including those designed for beginner musicians. We want to enable you to sound good, right from your very first note.

The McNeela Melodeon features Czech reeds producing a strong tone and excellent response. These high quality reeds offer a clear, bright, powerful tone and plenty of volume.

Premium Finish

The beautiful cherry wood frame comes in a natural finish with soft rounded edges, and the grille is decorated with intricate fretwork, creating a sleek looking exterior. This venting also allows the melodeon to produce plenty of volume.

Built to Last

The McNeela Melodeon is built to last, making it a reliable, durable and long-lasting investment. As the bellows and reeds are exercised, it will continue to improve with age.

To completely put your mind at ease however, we proudly offer a one year guarantee on all new instruments, against any material defects arising from the product. Beyond one year, we will still happily service your melodeon should the need arise.

What's The Difference Between a Melodeon and an Irish Button Accordion?

In the context of traditional Irish music, a melodeon is a single row instrument featuring just ten buttons on the fingerboard. It usually comes with just two bass keys, though some models may have four.

Single row melodeons are diatonic instruments, meaning they only contain the notes relevant to the key in which they are tuned. This limits both the keys they can play in, and the repertoire of tunes they can play but it's by no means a reason to be dissuaded from pursuing the melodeon. Some melodeons come with an additional inner row of just three buttons, to provide the accidentals, or extra notes needed to play in additional keys.

A two row Irish button accordion is a chromatic instrument, meaning it can play all the notes and accidentals within its given range. This in turn means that the player can play in more than one key.

Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the melodeon. See our Shipping & Returns Policy.
  • 1 year warranty - all our new melodeons offer a one year guarantee for parts and service.
  • Free backup service for one year.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.


All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day.

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