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All Banjos

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At McNeela Instruments, we boast a wide selection of top quality, handcrafted banjos for all occasions and music genres. Here, we have banjos that cater towards all playing levels, from first time beginner and student banjos, all the way up to the advanced and professional grade banjos, we have them all. Despite our speciality being in traditional Irish folk instruments, we offer banjos capable of playing in multiple music genres such as jazz, country-western, bluegrass and more.

Our expansive range contains both 4 string tenor banjos and classic 5 string banjo models. Our banjos also come in 17 fret, 19 fret, and even 22 fret models as well for maximum variety. Each of these are constructed from high quality tonewoods, and all feature a resonator banjo backed design. Amongst these choices are our best sellers - The Celt Tenor Banjo series, and the McNeela Premium 5 String Banjo.

We also feature some excellent banjos from incredibly well known brands such as Bacon & Day, Framus, Gretsch, Rettburg & Lange banjos, and more. Some of these particular banjos come from our vintage banjo selection, as we refurbish and sell vintage and second hand banjos as well. Do you have a second hand banjo in good condition? Be sure to contact us as we may be interested!

Beyond banjos, we also house a number of accessories such as string sets, picks, instructional books, CD’s, tuners, gig bags and more to help you level up your banjo playing experiences.

In addition, we can also set up our banjos in a left-handed configuration if you’d like - just leave a note when you place an order on our website.

Looking for more information on banjos? Well then feel free to check out our blog on all things banjo and Irish music related: