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As we know the


is the method behind the music so its very important we use high quality Cajons & Spoons.
Percussion is what gives music, regardless of the style, its flavour, its kick and what ties it all together as a unit so this is why we only sell the most premium of Cajons & Spoons.

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Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day), UK (3-5 days), EUROPE (7 days), USA/ CANADA & Rest of the World  (7-10 days).

Cúil Beat

Cúil Beat Cajon [SOLD OUT]


The Áine Cajon SOLD OUT Cajon playing is the next new percussion sensation, it’s a sleeper trend that has been quietly but steadily growing yet is still at a relatively early stage on the Irish music scene. Cajon is the Spanish for crate...

Paraic McNeela

Rosewood Spoons


These bodhrán spoons are joined at the base which makes them easier to hold and play. Suitable for both beginners and advanced players. ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES:  All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day. IRELAND (Next...


Swan Neck Cheating Spoons


Swan Neck Cheating Spoons SOLD OUT! Why not take a look at our Beechwood Spoons instead These cheating spoons have a very comfortable hooked-end hand grip which makes them easier to hold and play. Spoons are traditional in Irish music and were...


Metal Cheating Spoons [SOLD OUT]


Metal Cheating Spoons SOLD OUT Get the original spoon sound as heard in many an Irish kitchen over the years but with a little bit of help from ‘the cheat’. We’ve inserted the ends of actual spoons into a small block of timber which...