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The Wave Bodhrán Set

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The McNeela Wave Bodhrán Set
NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value 

I am really delighted and very proud to bring you the new and improved McNeela Wave Bodhrán, yes, it's back! I think it’s a bit of a show stopper and bound to stand out in a crowd. 

The Wave’s unique and innovative undulating rim looks like no other bodhrán and plays like no other bodhrán; the sound it produces will send tingles down your spine...

"My Wave Set arrived today and it is a religious experience" Christopher S. 

"When I first saw my Wave bodhrán, I thought 'what an amazing piece of craftsmanship' and when I played it, I had goosebumps on my arms. I feel like a surfer who has finally completed the search for 'the perfect Wave'." Neil J.


Comes with a full Beginner to Master Online Bodhrán Course with Rónán Ó Snodaigh and whole host of other bodhrán goodies plus

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Unique Waved Rim
I’ve created a unique undulating rim which allows the player to utilise every bit of the goatskin and exploit all of its myriad properties. The rim is plywood, lightweight yet sturdy, and travels well.

Extra Deep Rim
I’ve managed to get great depth in the rim without interfering with ease of play, thanks to the the wave cutouts. This extra depth coupled with the undulating rim helps produce a luscious bass sound and tonal quality completely unique to the Wave. 

Hand Tuners
There are eight easy to use hand-tuners, brilliant for stage work and also very handy for effective reaction to environmental factors; you can play it all night without worrying about humidity or temperature. 

Choice of Skin
You have the choice of hand-selected milky goatskin or Lambeg skin, both give a fantastic response, clear resonant tones up and down and great attack. The Vellum goatskin gives mellow, creamy tones and deep bass resonance whereas the Lambeg skin gives brighter, clearer tones and a very flexible response to the beater.

Double Skinning Available at No Extra Charge

For a rolling thunder roar, I can add an extra skin to your bodhrán to increase depth of tone, sustain and volume.

Key Features of the McNeela Wave Bodhrán & Set

  • 16” Diameter
  • Rim Depth between 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches
  • 8-Point hand-tuning system
  • Lightweight French-Polished Plywood Rim
  • Choose between Vellum (Milky Goatskin) or Lambeg (Clear Goatskin)
  • Option of Double-Skinning
  • Clear resonant tones
  • Great Attack & Response
  • Luscious Bass
  • Unique ‘wavy’ rim design

The Wave Bodhrán Set Includes:

  • A selection of premium beaters including:
  • Fiddle Bow
  • Double Ribbed Weighted Beater
  • Whipper Tipper
  • Double Knot double weighted beater
  • Hotrod
  • Drumstick Beater
  • The best-selling McNeela Bodhrán Gig Bag

NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value


Rónán Ó Snodaigh, the bodhrán playing legend himself has recorded hours worth of original, jaw-dropping, magical bodhrán masterclasses including the basics and all the way up to all of the amazing advanced playing techniques he knows.

When you buy the Wave Bodhrán Package you will receive a comprehensive suite of Beginner to Master online bodhrán classes with this exciting virtuoso player. These are exclusive to McNeela Music and you won't find them anywhere else online.

"The delightful Rónán's [...] lessons hold me spellbound. I get so engrossed in watching him that I forget to play along. Thankfully, the unlimited access to tutorials lets me revisit time and time again." - Amanda L.

**Please note: this is a limited offer on a limited run of bodhráns, order now to avoid disappointment**


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