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Ebony Bones

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McNeela Ebony Bones

Discover exciting new sounds with our brand new ebony bones. Measuring 195mm in length, and 25mm in width, these bones are crafted from ebony and polished to give a smooth, black marble finish.

This robust ebony bones are supplied with an adjustable O ring for ease of playing and produce a strong, clear, resonant tone.

Features of the McNeela Ebony Tipper:

  • Polished ebony
  • Length: 195mm
  • Width: 25mm

Bonus Features

  • Free O ring included for improved grip, comfort and ease of play.

What Are Irish Percussion Bones?

The bones, also known as rhythm bones, are a percussive folk instrument used to the same effect as the spoons. Historically, they consisted of a pair of animal bones but today they are far more frequently made of wood.

The bones as played in the Irish musical tradition are unique both in terms of the technique used to play them and the range of rhythms and sounds they provide to the player. The single handed playing style is most popular in traditional Irish music.

How to Play the Bones

Form a loose fist with the heel of your hand facing the ground. You can then hold the first bone between either your thumb and forefinger, or forefinger and index finger. Make sure to grip the bone close to the top, leaving the rest to hang down from your first. Then, place the second bone between your index finger and ring finger in a similar fashion. 

Bend your elbow and, keeping your wrist nice and loose, move it from side to side, shaking the bones. (Attaching an O ring will help to keep the bones secure.) This movement causes the bones to strike against each other, creating their distinctive percussive tone.

Tightening or loosening your grip allows you to achieve different tones.

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