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Welcome to our Irish flute store where you can find a great range of Irish flutes, wooden flutes, keyed and keyless flutes and low maintenance Delrin flutes. We’re proud to stock Irish wooden flutes by supreme Irish flute makers including Arie de Keyser, Sam Murray and Hammy Hamilton

The simple system wooden flute, also known as the traditional Irish flute, or an fheadóg mhór (large Irish whistle), has played an important part in the history of traditional Irish music and is one of the most popular Irish wind instruments today. 

We also stock the bestselling Cygnet rosewood flute, just perfect for beginners on the wooden flute and we sell an excellent range of intermediate flutes including our Cocuswood flute, possibly the best intermediate flute on the market. If you’re an advanced player we offer a lovely range of African Blackwood flutes, including supreme African Blackwood Sam Murray flutes and our own McNeela African Blackwood flute, ideal for Celtic flute music both producing that inimitable woody tone so associated with Irish flute music. 

To read about the history of the Irish flute and wooden flute music or learn more about how to play a wooden flute for beginners why not visit the McNeela Music Blog. 

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