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Irish Flutes

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, traditional wooden flutes, keyed & keyless Irish flutes and low maintenance but durable Delrin flutes, each outlining what makes this strain of Celtic flutes so great. We are proud to offer some incredible brands such as Arie de Keyser, Sam Murray, Hammy Hamilton, and Martin Doyle.

What Makes Irish Flutes Unique?

Traditional Irish flutes, or as they are known in Irish ‘An fheadóg mhór’ (the large whistle), has played an important part in the history of traditional Irish music and its culture. Alongside the famous tin whistle, the Irish flute is without a doubt one of the most popular Irish wind instruments today.


At McNeela, we currently offer a wide range of high quality, premium flutes, including our bestselling Cygnet rosewood flute which is a perfect option for beginners looking to start playing the Irish flute. We also have a range of intermediate Irish flutes as well including our Cocuswood flute, which very well could be the best of the intermediate Irish flutes on the market today! You can’t really go wrong with it.

Are There Any Advanced Flutes Available?

We have a wonderful selection of African Blackwood Irish Flutes available to those advanced players looking for a formidable addition to their collection. We currently have a number of Irish flutes from the renowned Sam Murray as well as having our very own Irish flutes as well such as the McNeela African Blackwood Flute which is absolutely ideal for traditional Irish music. It produces a resonant and mellow tone which fits right into the sound of jigs and reels. By using high quality premium materials in our instruments, while still being on the affordable side, you can be sure that our flutes can go toe to toe with the best flutes in the Irish music market.

Irish Flute Accessories

We also have a wide selection of books, CD’s and other accessories on offer to help you learn the intricacies of the Irish flute. These accessories are sure to get you up and playing the flute in no time at all. We also have a number of CD's featuring Irish artists such at Robert Harvey, Fintin Vallely, Conal Ó'Gráda, and more.