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The Classic 16” Deep Rim Performance Bodhrán Set

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The Classic 16” Deep Rim Performance Bodhrán Set 
NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value 

My signature classic deep rim bodhrán set has been upgraded to Performance level!

My new deep rim 16" bodhrán features an 8-point hand tuning system, perfect for fast, discreet tuning, ideal for live performance in any conditions, allowing you to produce the perfect pitch and tone on your Irish drum.

You'll also receive a selection of bodhrán beatersbodhrán & percussive accessories and a complete Beginner Bodhrán Lesson DVD to get you on the road to complete bodhrán mastery! 

NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value


  • 16” x 6 Black Bodhrán Hand Tuneable 
  • Bodhrán Carrier bag with top handles and front pocket for beaters
  • Beginner to Master Online Bodhrán Course with Rónán Ó Snodaigh 


  • Fiddle Bow Beater
  • Double Ribbed Weighted Beater
  • Whipper Tipper
  • Double Knot double weighted beater
  • Hotrod
  • Drumstick Beater

Key Features of the new 16” Deep Rim Performance Bodhrán:

  • Rim Depth of 6"
  • 8-point hand tuning system
  • Removable T-Bar 
  • Arm Cut Out
  • Taped to extend harmonics
  • Lush bass tone
  • Great sustain
  • Highly Responsive
  • Hand-Selected Sustainably Sourced Goat Skin

NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value


Bodhrán Skins:

mcneela-bodhran-skin-workshop.jpgAs you may have guessed, yes the skin is the most important part of the bodhrán. That's why we only use the best goat skins, sustainably sourced.

We have done many blind tests and the results are staggering. Even non-bodhrán players can tell the difference between a good quality skin and a poor one - it's that obvious.

There is a huge difference in sound between a professionally made bodhrán and a badly made one.

Hand-cured and hand stretched, properly conditioned and treated (without the use of chemicals) goatskin wins every single time.

Carefully removed goatskin is used because you get much more depth of sound from it.

The curing of the skin has to be carried out with great care as if it's done incorrectly it can destroy the skin or the sound that comes from it.


Please note that as goatskin is a natural product variations of skin thickness, surface details and colour will occur.
These are not defects but contribute to the unique qualities of your new bodhrán.

Hand-Tuning System

Features an 8-point hand tuning system for complete playing flexibility in all environments and conditions.

Bodhrán Taping

All of Paraic’s bodhráns come taped around the edges as standard to ensure that gorgeous McNeela bass sound, part of which has made his drums so popular. 

This technique creates a much deeper tone and sustain. It was discovered by observing drummers who use E-Rings on their drum kits to dampen the tone. 

Taping the 16" bodhrán extends the harmonic range of the bodhrán and adds complexity to the bass.

Key Points:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the bodhrán.
  • 1 year guarantee.
  • Same Day Dispatch: if purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday)  

PLUS for a limited time only: You will be upgraded to Full Access to Rónán Ó Snodaigh's Beginner to Master Online Bodhrán Course 




All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day.

IRELAND (Next Day)

UK (5 - 7 days)

EUROPE (7 days)

USA and CANADA (5 - 10 days)

REST OF WORLD (10 - 14 days)

Not sure which bodhrán is for you? Give me a call and I'll be happy to advise, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm 087-2569672

From outside Ireland +353 18322432

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