“Belter of a bodhrán, tremendous set of tippers and a braw bag to boot. Couldn’t recommend higher. ”

— Cameron M

The Signature Bodhrán Set

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The Signature Bodhrán Set
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“Belter of a bodhrán, tremendous set of tippers and a braw bag to boot. Couldn’t recommend higher. ”

— Cameron M

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Product Description


The McNeela Signature Bodhrán Set
Lead time: 2 weeks
Our brand new Signature Bodhrán is here - a luxe take on the quintessential McNeela bodhrán experience.

The Signature Bodhrán Set includes our brand new 16" tuneable Signature bodhrán, with a choice of Lambeg or Vellum skin and a range of bodhrán accessories including a selection of our premium bodhrán beaters; a quality lightweight bodhrán gig bag; and free access to our Bodhrán Beginner to Master Course with Rónán Ó Snodaigh.

The McNeela Signature Bodhrán offers everything an aspiring bodhrán player needs to get started on their musical journey. It's perfect for any level of player, from beginner to advanced.

paraic-with-the-new-signature-bodhra-n.jpgKey Features of the McNeela Signature Bodhrán:

  • Diameter 16.5”
  • Rim Depth 6.5"
  • Rim Depth at Cutout 4.5”
  • Cutout Depth 3"
  • 8 point hand-tuning system
  • Rim cutout for playing comfort
  • Highly responsive
  • Wide tonal range
  • Lush bass sound
  • Taped edges for superior tone and extended harmonic range
  • Choice of Lambeg or Vellum Skin

Each Signature Bodhrán Set includes:

  • McNeela Signature Bodhrán
  • A selection of premium bodhrán beaters & percussion accessories
  • Lightweight bodhrán gig bag
  • AAA pass toBeginners to Master course with Rónán Ó Snodaigh

This highly responsive bodhrán offers great action and superb control. With a lush tonal range, it offers strong resonance and depth of tone with a rich, booming bass - everything you need to take your playing to the next level.

Featuring an 8 point hand tuning system, you're fully in control of your sound. It even comes with a choice of top quality Lambeg or Vellum goatskin, for a truly personalised musical experience.

The unique signature cutout style and the deep claret French polish finish is guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons. The Signature Bodhrán is truly worthy of the McNeela seal of approval.

Lambeg vs Vellum

Hand produced in Northern Ireland for the famous Lambeg drums, Lambeg skins were first adapted for use on the bodhrán by the legendary maker, Seamus O’Kane. These skins produce a strong clear tone, with an exceptionally resonant high end. Lambeg skin is the perfect choice for bodhrán players who favour a more melodic style of playing. They do however also offer a rich, resonant bass and offer plenty of volume - making them perfect for session playing.

Vellum is the art of producing paper from skin - many ancient Irish manuscripts, including the famous Book of Kells, are written on Vellum. Vellum skins offer a warm mid range while producing deep, dark, rich bass notes. They also offer excellent sustain. Vellum skin is typically quieter and slightly more subtle than Lambeg skin.

Whether Lambeg or Vellum, each skin that we use here in McNeela is hand-selected for quality, responsiveness and sustain. This is a natural sustainable product and each skin will be unique to your bodhrán, waiting for you to explore its characteristic sound.

We recommend using McNeela's to keep your new bodhrán skin in optimum condition.

NB. From time to time we may need to replace a beater with another beater of equal or greater value

Free Online Bodhrán Lesson with Rónán Ó Snodaigh

Get Instant Access to the Complete Beginner to Master Bodhrán Course.

with the magnificent Rónán Ó Snodaigh of Kíla (Worth €365/$410) Lifetime Access absolutely Free!

Rónán is one of the greatest Irish bodhrán players in the world.

What You'll Learn:

Bodhrán Basics
- Introduction To Rónán (5:43)
- Learn the Basics (7:03)
- Different types of Beaters & How to use them - Comprehensive Tutorial (18:33)

Beginner Lessons
- Irish Dance Beats: Jigs (14:41)
- Irish Dance Beats: Reels (12:18)
- How to Strap your Bodhrán & More (10:15)

Intermediate Lessons:
- Irish Dance Beats: Polkas & Hornpipes (7:39)
- Session Tips (14:07)
- Accompanying Singers in Basic Waltz Timing (1:56)
- Alternative Beats - Turkish Beats & More (9:15)
- More Alternative Beats (8:29)
- Rosewood Performance Hand-Tuneable Bodhrán (1:36)
- Pops, Snaps & Bass beats on the Rosewood Performance Bodhrán (5:09)
- All About Rolls - Intermediate Level (11:02)
- Rónán’s Unique Notation System (7:05)
- Paradiddles (1:28)

Advanced Lessons:
- Accompanying Yourself Singing plus Hops, Inverted Beats and Dropping a Beat. (15:31)
- Advanced Beats (10:50)
- More Advanced Beats - Rónán plays along to three iconic Kíla tunes. (24:25)
- Rónán plays along to ‘Turlough’s’ from Kíla Album ‘Lemonade and Buns’ (4:10)

- Paraic on Flute and Rónán on Bodhrán - Session 1 (2:38)
- Paraic and Rónán on Bodhrán - Session 2 (4:24)

These online lessons cover everything from basics, to traditional Irish music session performance and alternative beats. Rónán will show you how to get the most out of your bodhrán, how to tune your bodhrán and everything else you need to get started on your musical journey.

These free online bodhrán lessons are exclusive to McNeela Instruments and will have you accompanying your first traditional Irish music session in no time!

Need advice? Check out our expert guide: The Bodhrán Maker's Guide to Buying a Bodhrán

Bodhrán Size

the-signature-bodhran-paraic-mcneela.jpgThe smaller the drum, the more flexible the head. This means our 16″ model will be more responsive to your hand pressure than a larger drum.

For this reason, if you currently have an 18″ model and are looking to upgrade, I would recommend making the change to a 16” bodhrán. It will give you a wider tonal range and a far greater variety of sounds to work with.

The 6.5 inch rim depth produces a rich, deep bass tone. The deeper the rim, the more resonant the bass sound will be. The 6.5" rim is perfect for creating our signature McNeela lush, booming bass and great volume.

Hand Tuning System

Our 8 point hand-tuning system makes it easy to adjust your bodhrán tuning, without interrupting your performance.

The tuners are easy to grip and fast to tune. The McNeela tuning system will allow you to get the best sound from your bodhrán skin, no matter the playing conditions.


Adjust tuning with lightning speed to respond to performance requirements for when you need your bodhrán to match pitch, volume and tone. With the wide spread of tonal options available you can offer a subtle accompaniment in quieter session spaces and a full resonating bass in concert settings:

Good to Know:

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  • 1 year warranty
  • Free backup service for one year.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.
  • Priority Shipping Worldwide.
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