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Welcome to the McNeela


Store, where we have a great selection

 of accordions 

for all accordion players in the Irish music market and all over the world. These include

Button accordions and Premium piano accordions for sale

For beginners looking to buy an Irish


we offer a best in class

button accordion 

to help you to avoid the many pitfalls that a cheap accordion can bring. As a member of the free-reed aerophone-


family, the Irish button accordion has one melody-side keyboard that contains one or more rows of buttons (unlike a piano accordion that uses piano keys), with each row producing the notes of a single diatonic scale. For example, the


of B/C button accordion produces the notes of the B scale and the C scale. Likewise, a C#/D button


produces the notes of the C# (sharp) scale and the D scale. 

Antique Irish Accordion For Sale

If you're hoping to

buy an accordion 

that’s a little more special we also have a range of vintage accordions for sale including Paolo Soprani accordions from Italy and Hohner accordions. Do you have a button accordion for sale in good


? Contact us here, there's a chance we'd be interested! Our range of used




continues to grow and our in-house accordion expert is on hand to answer any questions about any details regarding accordions and melodeons.