McNeela Premium Electro Acoustic Irish Bouzouki

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“It's a dream- lovely tone, loud, nice woods, well made, sustain for days, and on and on. ”

— Darren B

McNeela Premium Electro Acoustic Irish Bouzouki

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McNeela Premium Electro Acoustic Irish Bouzouki
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Key Features

  • Always in tune: Built-in E-4T tuner
  • Customisable tone: 3-band EQ system
  • Traditional setup: GDAD tuning
  • Rich Irish sound: Irish style flat-back bouzouki
  • Enhanced sustain: Floating bridge
  • Versatile playing: 24 frets
  • Fuller tone: 8 strings
  • Warm sound: Mahogany back and sides
  • Superior projection: Spruce top
  • Smooth playability: Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay
  • Stable tuning: Geared tuners

“It's a dream- lovely tone, loud, nice woods, well made, sustain for days, and on and on. ”

— Darren B

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Product Description


McNeela Premium Electro Acoustic Irish Bouzouki

This is an Irish style flat back bouzouki, perfect for playing traditional Irish music. Whether strumming chords or plucking tunes, this versatile instrument offers a rich, resonant tone with plenty of volume. Whatever your style of playing, this premium bouzouki has something to offer.

It comes with an added pickup, transforming it into an electro acoustic bouzouki that's ready to plug in and play, making it perfect for live performance and gigging musicians.

Crafted from quality materials, the McNeela Premium Irish Bouzouki features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides; rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay and floating bridge. This is a highly resonant instrument with plenty of sustain. The flat back design offers that unique Irish bouzouki sound with a rich, resonant low end and clear, bright high register.

The low action and flat back design combine to offer a comfortable playing experience that will help you play for hours on end.

Key Features of the McNeela Premium Irish Bouzouki:

  • Irish style flat-back bouzouki
  • Electro acoustic
  • 8 Strings
  • 24 Frets
  • Floating Bridge
  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay
  • Geared tuners with pearlescent buttons
  • E-4T Tuner and Pickup
  • Built-In 3 Band EQ
  • GDAD tuning

Product Specifications

Top nut width: 31mm
Scale length: 683mm
Body width: 345mm
Body depth: 78mm
Weight: 1450g

New E-4T Tuner and Pickup

We are excited to announce that each of our Premium Electro Acoustic Bouzoukis is now available with our new E-4T pickup. This pickup not only features a built-in chromatic tuner, but a 3 band EQ system as well, which allows for plenty of customization in its sound when playing the bouzouki through external amplification. Having a set of treble, middle, bass and presence knobs gives you the opportunity to dial in your tone exactly how you want it. Plus, the chromatic tuner makes tuning your bouzouki quick and effortless.

This new tuner and pickup will undoubtedly make playing the Irish bouzouki easier, as well as giving you an advantage over other bouzouki players in the Irish music community.

Note: The Electro Acoustic Bouzouki Requires a 9V Battery

What are the Advantages of a Floating Bridge?

Floating bridges are more versatile than fixed bridges and can be easily adjusted. This allows for ease of adjustments to intonation and string height.
The floating bridge is one of the main features that helps to create the bouzouki's characteristic biting sound, creating a bright top-end sound with plenty of attack.

What's the Difference Between an Irish Bouzouki and a Greek Bouzouki?

The bouzouki first became popular in Irish music in the 1970s. The so called Irish bouzouki is an adaptation of the much older original Greek stringinstrument. The three main differences between the Irish bouzouki and Greek bouzouki lie in the shape of the body, the length of the fingerboard and the tuning of the strings.

Greek bouzoukis feature the typical rounded back, and can be either three course (6 string) or four course (8 string) instruments. Greek bouzoukis are typically slightly larger instruments with a longer scale length of approximately 27 frets. The Irish bouzouki features a shallow, flat back which some find easier to hold. Irish bouzoukis typically feature a shorter scale length of approximately 24 frets.

The string sets or string pairs on a Greek bouzouki are typically tuned to octave intervals. Standard tuning for a Greek bouzouki is CFAD. Irish bouzouki pairs are tuned in unison to GDAE or GDAD. This tuning lends itself well to accompanying traditional Irish music.

More Information for Irish Bouzouki Players:


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