Wild Irish Whistle - Key of A

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Wild Irish Whistle - Key of A

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Wild Irish Whistle - Key of A


Key Features

  • This item is in stock and available for next day dispatch
  • Tuneable
  • Key of A
  • Brass Fipple with Delrin Cork
  • Brass Body
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Strong, Clear, Sweet Tone
  • Clear, Bright Sound on the Higher Notes
  • Length: 15.5 Inches
  • Also Available in the Key of D, Eb, C, and Bb
  • Comes with a Premium Soft Padded Whistle Case [While Stocks Last]

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1 Month Free Trial

Special Offer

Limited Offer: Test The Whistle Masterclass for 30 Days

Buy The Wild Irish Whistle today and get free access to John O Brien's Ultimate Tin Whistle Course

  • Full access to the Masterclass Course for 30 days
  • Learn at your own pace with expert guidance
  • Explore everything from basic skills to ornamentation and breathing techniques
  • Learn over 25 Traditional Irish tin whistle tunes

Product Description



Wild Irish Whistle - Key of A

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the brand new Wild Irish Whistle to our collection of tuneable tin whistles! Featuring a bright, clear tone, and excellent responsiveness, find out why this is the only tin whistle you will ever need.

The weighted brass body is comfortable to hold and perfect for long bouts of playing. The Wild Whistle requires minimal air flow, making it incredibly player friendly and suitable for players of all levels, from absolute beginners to professional level.

Listen to the famous whistle player, Brian Hughes's review of our Wild Irish Whistle below 


Quality Materials for a Sublime Sound

We’ve made this whistle from brass due to its excellent acoustic properties. Brass gives a brighter and more responsive sound than aluminium. The brass fipple also features a sturdy Delrin cork which helps to create a strong, clear tone.

The fipple plays a crucial role in the tone any whistle produces. That’s why ours is made from Delrin. Delrin is a polymer that offers high wear resistance and longevity. It also helps to produce a brighter tone that will cut through any session.

It’s designed with a sleek, stylish matte black finish which will turn heads at any Irish music session.

Don’t let the price confuse you. This is a premium whistle, among the top whistles on the market, but offered at a budget friendly price. The Wild Whistle will make a beautiful sound from the moment you pick it up to play your very first note. You’ll be excited to practice on this quality instrument. It will take your playing to the next level in no time at all.

Comes With A Wild Whistle Case: Free While Stocks Last

Key Features of the Wild Irish Whistle

  • Tuneable
  • Key of A
  • Brass fipple with Delrin cork
  • Brass body
  • Matte black finish
  • Strong, clear, sweet tone
  • Clear, bright sound on the higher notes
  • Comes with a premium soft padded whistle case [while stocks last]
  • Length: 15.5"
  • Also available in the key of D, Eb, C and Bb

This quality A whistle produces a bright, mellow tone that will energise your playing, adding a vibrant depth to your sound.

Fast Track to Playing Irish Tunes

What stands out about the Wild Irish Whistle is that it’s remarkably playable. It makes playing and practicing a breeze. This whistle offers excellent tuning between octaves and a bright, sweet tone throughout, even in the higher register. So you won’t get any unwanted shrill high notes when you play. Your ears (and everyone else’s) will thank you.

Some whistles require a real workout when trying to achieve a clear tone in the higher octave, but the Wild Irish Whistle does the work for you. Ease of playability is paramount to its design.

It’s easy to fill with air, making it especially accessible for beginner tin whistle players. No need to huff and puff or overexert yourself, fighting a losing battle against an unresponsive instrument.

Reviews of The Wild Whistle

'The Wild Whistle has a beautiful sweet, clear tone with nice accurate intonation between the two octaves - even stretching into the third octave.
It’s a robust, reliable instrument that requires very little air pressure to create a full tone and it’s very responsive to articulation.
It’s an ideal instrument for beginners that’s also ideal for developing through intermediate and advanced stages.' - Robert Harvey

'Huge thank you. Just arrived my wild whistle. Heavier than normal, but what a tone. Sweet and sustained.
Kept the high notes with no screeching and the easiest of breath control. I'm delighted, thank you.'
- Joe G. (customer)


What’s the advantage of learning on a premium whistle like the Wild Irish Whistle?

By investing in a quality instrument right from the start, you won’t need to ‘trade up’ as your musical needs develop. This whistle offers the scope to cater to the developing needs of intermediate players all the way through to advanced whistle players. You’ll never need to invest in another whistle!

This is a whistle that will encourage anyone to pick it up and play it as often as they can. From its playability to its beautiful tone, it will make learning to play an enjoyable experience right from your very first note. You’ll find learning to play on a premium instrument makes a big difference as you will never need to compensate for shoddy workmanship.

Become a Traditional Irish Musician in ‘jig’ time!

forwebsite.jpgThere’s an instrument out there for everyone and the tin whistle could well be the one for you. It’s easily the most accessible traditional Irish instrument. It’s compact and light and travels well. You can bring it anywhere, play it anywhere. It’s also very easy to learn the tin whistle online with the right instruction.

It’s the perfect instrument to accompany you on your musical journey - wherever it may take you.

Always be Welcome at an Irish Session

The Wild Irish Whistle offers plenty of volume along with a strong clear tone which makes it a great session instrument. You won’t need to fight to be heard in the mix. This is also a tuneable whistle which means you’ll always be in tune with your fellow musicians. You can join in at any Irish music session without worrying about disrupting the music with unpleasant, off key playing.

The Wild Whistle is currently available in the key of D, Eb, C, A and Bb. This exciting range of options greatly expands the number of keys you can play in, meaning you'll never get left behind at a session. You’ll be primed to join in at any live session or play along with all your favourite recordings.

Your Musical Legacy

The Wild Irish Whistle has been built with durability in mind. The robust brass body will withstand any minor knocks or bumps, making it a long lasting investment. This is an instrument you could pass down to the next generation to create a shared musical legacy.

Fulfil a Lifetime Dream

The Wild Irish Whistle really is the perfect model for beginners who want to treat themselves to a premium instrument at an affordable price. And thanks to its good looks and fantastic sound, nobody need know you're a beginner!

You won’t find another whistle in this price range that looks and sounds this good. We can confidently say that the Wild Irish Whistle is one of the best quality tin whistles to hit the market and outperforms all other whistles in this price range.

A Whistle for Life

Unlike other whistles, where you might have to rummage through a batch to find the hidden gem, we guarantee that the Wild Irish Whistle will hit the mark every time. We understand that our customers want high quality, reliable instruments to help them on their musical journey, and that’s exactly what the Wild Irish Whistle will do.

Avoid the dreaded screechy notes. Thanks to the ease at which you can play higher notes beautifully on the Wild you'll avoid offending anyone's ear drums.

Stand out at a session for all the right reasons. This whistle will impress all who hear and see it. There’ll be zero eye-rolling.

Will it be hard to learn? The tin whistle is the easiest to learn of all the traditional instruments. It suits every age and musical ability. If you can blow air you can make a note. The Wild goes one step further producing a gorgeous sound from the start - it’s that easy it practically plays itself!

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