The New Swan 30 Button Anglo Concertina in C/G

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The New Swan 30 Button Anglo Concertina in C/G
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Key Features

  • 30 Button Anglo Concertina
  • Key of C/G
  • Fully Chromatic
  • 6.3" Across the Flats (Approx. 16 cm)
  • New and Improved Czech-Made, Swedish-Steel Reeds
  • 6-Fold Black Leather Bellows
  • Padded Adjustable Hand Straps
  • Jeffries-Style Metal End Plates
  • Wheatstone/Lachenal Layout
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • Fantastic Rivet Action System
  • Produces a Strong, Clear, and Sweet Tone

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Product Description


The New Swan 30 Button Anglo Concertina in C/G

**Free premium hard case, Free FIVE Months access to the brand new Concertina Masterclass Series & Priority Shipping Worldwide**

We are very excited to introduce the new Swan Anglo Concertina to our collection. Designed with the beginner in mind, its high-end features and attractive Jeffries style finish make this the best premium starter anglo concertina on the market.

Key Features of the Swan Anglo Concertina

  • 30 button Anglo concertina
  • Key of C/G
  • Fully Chromatic
  • 6.3" across the flats (approx. 16 cm)
  • New and improved Czech-made, Swedish-steel reeds.
  • 6-fold black leather bellows
  • Soft, durable, padded adjustable hand straps
  • Jeffries-style metal end plates with matt finish
  • Wheatstone/Lachenal Layout
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • Fantastic rivet action system for a super response.
  • Produces a strong, clear and sweet tone.

Bonus Features

  • Comes with a Premium Concertina Box
  • Bonus Beginner AND Intermediate Concertina Masterclass with Jack Talty
  • Priority Shipping at a reduce rate

The New Swan Concertina for sale features a fantastic rivet action system which offers greater speed to the player and a quick response from the reeds. Anglo concertinas are most commonly used for playing traditional Irish music.

The Swan also features Czech-made reeds from Swedish sound steel which produce strong yet sweet and clear, bright tones.

It has adjustable reinforced straps, premium Jeffries-style ends and it's finished with black leather 6-fold bellows, which are easy to open and close, making it very player friendly.

The Swan is in the key of C/G, the most popular key for traditional Irish music.

Reviews of The McNeela Swan 30 Button Anglo Concertina from Concertina.Net

'After a year and a half of playing the cheapest concertina I could get, I decided on an upgrade. So I chose the Swan. I was afraid that due to its (relatively) low price, the improvement over the previous one wouldn't be enough, but boy was I wrong.

After playing it for a few hours yesterday I am really impressed. It's really responsive, so I can finally play faster.'


"I bought a New Swan anglo from McNeela. And I must say, I enjoy it very much - and am making good progress building a repertoire.

In my opinion, the New Swan is a great concertina for the money. It looks quite decent, sounds good enough and response is quite fast too."

- Dutchman

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Concertina Apprentice & Session Ready Course

I’m offering five months free access to the Beginner AND Intermediate Courses of my brand new Concertina Masterclass Series for a limited time only!

That’s right. Once you’ve completed the beginner course you can kick things up a notch with our intermediate lessons.

The Intermediate Course promises to challenge you in fun and exciting ways all while helping to transform your playing and unlock your inner musician.

So in total, with both courses combined, you’ll have access to:

  • 20 Immersive Traditional Irish Concertina Lessons

  • Over 22 Top Concertina Tunes

  • World class tuition with leading concertina expert Jack Talty

  • Complete access to our complete Beginner Concertina Course

  • Exclusive Bonus Materials including 11 Bonus Lessons

  • Flexible lessons that you can pause, slow down, speed up, follow at your own pace and bring with you wherever you go.


1. Apprentice Course
What You'll Learn: Concertina Basics
- Introduction To Concertina (11:35)
- Jack’s Most Effective Practice Routine (14:30)


Concertina Beginner Lessons
- Mastering Your First Jig (12:05)
- The Power Of Fluent Movement (16:30)


Faster Learning
- Unlock The Secrets To Playing Fast (13:05)
- Your First Polka (17:35)
- Learn Ireland's Most Iconic March (13:57)


Your First Fast Tunes
- Your First Reel (12:00)
Unlocking the Bellows (18:50)
- Your Second Reel (26:48) 
2. Session Ready Course
Intermediate Lessons:
- A New Challenge (33:30)
- Building on Harmony with a New Tune Type (20:27)
- 5 Crucial Practice Exercises for Concertina Learners (16:00)
- Breaking the Rules for Even Smoother Playing (18:43)
- Learn the Tune Jack is Famous For (25:53)
- Learning by Ear Demystified (14:29)
- Expanding the Use of Harmony with Your First Slow Air (19:55)
- Learn Your First Slide (16:42)
- Introduction to Tune Composition on the Concertina (21:36)
PLUS: Eleven Exclusive Bonus Lessons & Bonus Materials!


Customer Reviews for the Swan 30 Button Anglo Concertina

'If you are considering buying a budget concertina and you can afford the extra I would strongly recommend you go straight to the Swan.' Caroline S.
'I am extremely pleased with the swan which plays very well and has a lovely tone. I have compared [it] with a much more expensive one, and it plays just as easily and is the same size and weight.' Dan M.
'The sound quality and playability are far better than my top of the range Stagi' Phil J.
'I’m a total newbie on the concertina. I’ve poked around online for several months.
The Swan concertina fit my needs perfectly.' Jeremy M. For those of you wishing to master the traditional Irish music style focusing on Anglo concertinas, we highly recommend critically acclaimed text tutorial The Irish Concertina by Mick Bramich.What's the difference between Anglo concertinas and English concertinas?
swan-concertina-by-mcneela.jpg This concertina is suitable for adults and children alike, with its adjustable straps and touch sensitive buttons. It's the perfect model for beginner concertina players and people who are just starting out but want to treat themselves to a premium instrument.Thanks to its good looks and fantastic sound nobody need know you're a beginner! It's a great session concertina and can hold its own with the best of them.
In general, anglo concertinas are very expensive instruments to buy especially for the beginner player and advanced beginner player, so we wanted to fill this gap in the market. The new Swan does just that, making it affordable for players to advance. We can confidently say that this concertina is the best of its kind at this price range.
It has been built with durability in mind, making it long lasting - this is essential to our customer base, particularly for its resale value. Not only is this Swan durable, but as the reeds are 'exercised' it will actually improve with age. Students usually play this concertina for 3-5 years and then trade it in and upgrade to a more expensive concertina. And, to completely put your mind at ease, we provide a guarantee for three years, rare amongst concertina makers. Even beyond 3 years we're always more than happy to service our concertinas. If you want to buy a concertina, and you happen to find yourself in Dublin, come visit us in our Baldoyle store, located in Dublin 13 - we'd be happy to help you out! Have a concertina for sale? Get in touch with us. We are always on the lookout for good Anglo concertinas - must be in excellent condition with minimum wear and tear.

Good to know:

  • 100% refundable, just return it up to 30 days from when you receive the concertina.
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee (very important when considering which concertina to buy).
  • If purchased before 12pm it is shipped the same business day.
  • Comes with a concertina premium padded box for a limited time only.
  • Priority Shipping Worldwide at a reduce rate
  • For more details please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy

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