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The Urbano Beginner Silver Flute Set [PM Series - OFFER INSIDE!]

900.00 Grams
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The McNeela "Urbano" Beginner Silver Concert Flute Set 
"This concert flute set will get you started in style."

The McNeela Urbano Silver Boehm Concert Flute (PM Series) serves all types of music beautifully including classical and folk music. The Urbano is a great beginner’s flute, suitable for adults and children from the age of 10yrs and over.

Comes with Absolute Beginners Flute Guide PLUS a flute cleaning rod and cloth.  

Key Features of the McNeela Boehm Style Flute Set

      • Silver-plated nickel headjoint, body and keys
      • E mechanism
      • Closed keys
      • C foot joint
      • Offset G
      • Leather Carrier Case
      • Suitable for Right-Handed players (Not Left-Handed)
      • Comes with the Absolute Beginners Flute Guide book
      • Also comes with a cleaning rod and cloth. 
Limited Time Only
Every purchase of the McNeela Urbano Beginner Flute Set comes with three months free instant access to the Beginner Course of our exciting Flute Masterclass Series.
      • 90 days of access to this life changing course, ($99/€96/£81 Value) completely free of charge.
      • Three months of expert guidance from one of Ireland’s finest flute maestros.
      • More than enough time to learn everything there is to know about the basics of Irish flute playing and become a confident and capable musician.
These beginner lessons will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to sound good right from your very first note. You’ll learn everything from basic technique and ornamentation to the very best flute tunes.
The perfect introduction to traditional Irish music, this course is a great choice for any beginner musician and the perfect companion to get you started on your musical journey. 


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