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Welcome to McNeela Instruments, where we stock some of the highest quality, handcrafted Irish bouzoukis for sale. We have a selection of some of the heaviest hitters in the Irish bouzouki scene, offering models by Antonio Carvalho and Koda, as well as selling our very own top grade bouzoukis as well. Our acoustic bouzoukis and electro-acoustic bouzoukis are designed to be perfectly suitable for any player’s ability, while still being in an affordable price range. Whether or not you’re a complete beginner learning the bouzouki, an intermediate player looking to step up their game, or a complete expert at bouzouki playing, we’ll be sure to have something to help you expand your range!

Difference Between the Greek Bouzouki and Irish Eight String Bouzouki

The bouzouki originated as a handmade traditional Greek bouzouki, which is a traditional six or eight string Greek instrument that has a pear shaped body constructed from solid wood, with a round back and between. However over time the bouzouki made its way to Ireland and into the Irish music scene through musicians such as Dónal Lunny and Andy Irvine and the design was subsequently changed to suit the style of music. Nowadays, the modern Irish bouzouki is a longer scale handmade version of its Greek counterpart, has a tear-drop shaped body with a flat back, and is an eight string bouzouki, with each of the strings tuned in pairs.

Octave Mandolins and Other Accessories

As well as having top quality bouzoukis for sale, we also have some handmade octave mandolin models as well as bouzouki instrument cases, bouzouki stands, tuners, instructional books, and even more bouzouki and musical accessories for all working Irish bouzouki players.

Looking for more information on Irish bouzoukis before you buy? Well be sure to check out our in-depth music blog posts for more!