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Wooden flutes, Delrin flutes, Silver concert flutes, keyless or keyed Celtic flutes - we have an instrument to suit all needs and budgets.


Silver Concert Flute by McNeela [SOLD OUT]


McNeela Silver Boehm Concert Flute Set   SOLD OUT We're delighted to Launch the Brand New Silver Student Flute to the McNeela collection. This is a flute for all types of music. The McNeela Flute Set will get you started in style. Suitable for...


Brand New Delrin Intermediate Keyed Flute


   The Brand New Delrin® 6 Keyed Flute by McNeela    OUT OF STOCK This is a superb value fully keyed Delrin® flute with a great low D tone. With loads of volume, this flute is ideal in a fast session and for those...