Student Flutes

Student Flutes

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Explore our range of high quality, affordable student flutes above!

Welcome to McNeela Instruments, where we offer quality musical instruments at budget-friendly prices, designed for those aspiring to become great musicians. Here, we make flutes for every playing level, whether it be from beginners to advanced players. Whatever type of flute you’re looking for, our models are versatile enough to play a range of music genres, so you’re guaranteed to find something for you here! 

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Our Top Models for an Affordable Price

Our current selection of student flutes houses a number of models, spanning from the more traditional Irish wooden flutes, to the classical silver concert flute, to even the more modern polymer delrin flutes. We offer a number of starter flutes from the renowned Tony Dixon, and even stock our own make of top rated best sellers such as The Cygnet, The Lon Dubh and our Silver Concert Flute. Each of these flutes are high quality instruments and are an excellent choice for beginners as a high quality first time flute. 

In addition, we also have an extensive range of different instruments, such as the tin whistle, harmonica, and saxophone for those who are interested in a bit of a variety of choices.

If you're unsure about which flute is right for you, check out our expert flute buyer's guides below: 

Want to Know Which McNeela Flute is Best for You?

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