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McNeela Premium F-Style Mandolin

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McNeela Premium F-Style Mandolin
Guaranteed to make you sound good, right from your very first note, the McNeela Premium F-Style Mandolin is a must-have for serious mandolin players. If you want to upgrade your sound, then this is the instrument for you.

This beautiful Florentine, or F-style, mandolin features a flat back body and offers a choice of sunburst or natural gloss finish. The intricate decorative scroll, points on the lower body, and headstock scroll all add to its distinctive, eye catching design.
The McNeela Premium F-Style Mandolin offers a beautiful sound to match its sleek good looks. The tone is clear and bright, with a richness and warmth that you won't find on just any old mandolin. Fitted with premium strings, it offers great action and superb resonance too.
The F-Style is perfect for bluegrass players, but it's also ideal for playing folk, country, blues and, of course, traditional Irish music. 

Features of the McNeela F-Style Mandolin

  • 8 string
  • 24 fret
  • Flat back
  • Low action
  • Laminated Spruce top & sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay
  • Multilayered binding
  • F sound holes
  • Geared tuners with pearlescent peg heads
  • Standard Irish Tuning GDAE

Bonus Features:

  • Excellent response
  • Warm, bright tone
  • Free mandolin gig bag
  • Choice of Sunburst or Natural finish

F Hole Mandolins vs Oval Hole Mandolins

Aesthetics and construction aside, F-hole mandolins will typically offer a brighter tone, with more volume and a stronger attack. Sometimes, they can offer a slightly more percussive sound, depending on the instrument. 

Oval hole mandolins will usually have a warmer, more woody tone and offer greater projection, sustain and resonance - particularly in the lower registerThe higher the quality of the craftsmanship however, the fewer the differences that exist between the two styles.

Traditionally, oval hole mandolins are more commonly used for traditional Irish music and folk music, while F-hole mandolins are played in bluegrass, country, and folk rock.

This is not a hard and fast rule however. You can play any style of music on whichever style of mandolin you prefer.

Discover more information for mandolin players on our Irish Music Blog:

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